City Centre, Kaukauna, taken last winter.  I went back a couple of months later for another go-around and it was gone! 


“It” being this building, not Kaukauna. Kaukauna is still there.


Normally, I would applaud the city fathers for upgrading their downtown, but doggone it, this was one fine subject.


  1. Ray Catcher says:

    Well seen. I like the different structure layers.

  2. Lignum Draco says:

    A shame… that the building is gone.
    The beginning of the end for Kaukuanna … Kakuana … Kaukoota… Oh I give up.

  3. Karen Taylor says:

    Shapes and textures. The whole process of aging. Very special.

  4. Marjorie says:

    Dave may be able to give you some ripe history of this back alley space……stay tuned.

  5. betsy says:

    It looks like a moon in the first window, first picture. Ummmmmmm

  6. sedge808 says:

    I wish I was with you when u found this.
    so cool.

  7. I love these old towns and the buildings from the past…..and then one day they’re gone….

    • I do, too. In so many cases, you know that structure was a pretty big deal when it was first erected, and then over time…this is what happens. It’s the siding on this building that puzzles me: was that material supposed to jazz it up?

  8. Lou Best says:

    Loved the bridge and trees in Marquette Country. I miss the UP….
    Brave Ranger

    PS I think I still have the original manuscript!

    • Brave Ranger, I have been grinning like crazy since I read your comment.
      Karen lives in Marquette and she took me to those wonderful sites. (She and I plan to explore Houghton early next summer.) Keep visiting the blog and do comment.
      We will have to check out the manuscript some day…and now I’m laughing again…

  9. Brave Ranger says:

    Did you make it to France? Looking forward to some fall tree pics.Perhaps you could find an abandoned fire tower for some interesting shots???
    Brave Ranger

    • Hey, Brave Ranger! I just returned from four days in the UP with Karen at her husband’s deer camp. (Pine snake photos coming soon.) You must have sensed us talking about you. Cruise through my posts for May-June for some Paris shots…I think you will approve.
      (Did we really really climb that fire tower in the middle of the night? Really?)

  10. Brave Ranger says:

    Yup! Looking forward to seeing la Tour Eiffel etc. Do you know why there are trees planted along the Champs Elysee in Paris? I am told it’s because German soldiers don’t like to march in the sun. A bit of history for the historian….

    • Go! Look at the posts from May-June! Many Paris shots! Droll Paris stories! Report back and let me know what you think.
      I will research the trees. I know the boulevard is straight and wide for ease in moving troops, but that was Napoleon.

  11. Brave Ranger says:

    Nice stuff in Paris. The Frogs can’t win wars, but they build neat sculptures and buildings–great shots of gears, too. Ya done good. Also liked the snake pics–down here, they usually have a set of rattles on the tail…
    That’s when Brave Ranger isn’t so brave. I’ve got the RANGER part down, but I’m still working on the brave part.

    • Thank you, my dear Ranger. Glad you approve. I just sold one of the gear shots.
      Karen and I were just in Land ‘O Lakes/Watersmeet two weeks ago…stayed at the Gateway. My parents’ house is now a ribs-to-go joint. (Ack!) and all the Forest Service houses are torn down. Where did you guys live that summer? (Wherever you were, I’m sure it took much bravery!)

      • Brave Ranger says:

        We lived at Snap Jack Lake in Sylvania with a 4-holer that Dwight D. Eisenhower himself used! How’s that for history? It was fun with the bears et al. Too bad about your house. I wonder if the spruce tree Jerry Epstein and I dug up and planted for your mom is still there?

        As for bravery, the soldiers headed to “Ebola Central” for 12 months of “combat” against an unseen enemy are the one who need bravery.

        In case you picked up any Frog lingo, a tout a l’heure (minus appropriate accents because I don’t know how to make ’em on my computer).

    • Ah, yes…and it took much courage…or humility…or arrogance to rest your haunches where the Great Man once rested his. You will always be Brave Ranger. 🙂
      I recently found…and then promptly lost again…pictures of you and I on our way out to a fancy dinner date at the White Stag. Sport coat, cocktail dress…and I think roger’s car.
      Despite classes, discs, workbooks and even a month long French immersion course in northern Quebec, I cannot speak French. Epic failure.
      I’m in Atlanta as we “speak” getting a good dose of grandma time.

      • Lou Best says:

        Went to France for 2 weeks in Sep. Dragged up French from 55 years ago and had a lot of fun. Are you still fotographin’?
        Brave Ranger

      • Hello, Brave Ranger! As you can see, I have pretty much neglected my blog for nearly two years, though I am still taking pictures. Very cool on your trip to France and you have my profound respect and admiration on speaking French whilst there. Are you still saving the world, one soul at a time? 😊

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