Friday, I got OUT! Many layers of designer clothing were involved–labels like Cuddle Duds, Smartwool,  LL Bean and Columbia–but by golly, I got outside with my camera. Despite the heavy gray haze and dirty snow,  I was so excited that I kept breaking into grins and–yes–an occasional giggle.

I was down near one of the shelters and guys who normally do a lot of nodding and self-talk were actually routing themselves far around me. Women with crazy eyes who also self-talk (“Okay. Okay. Now check the ISO. Get closer. Oh sweet Mother of Pearl! Look at that brickwork!) are given a wide berth wherever we go.

I was back indoors three hours later, snug in a coffee shop , happy happy happy and checking out my shots.


These three are from the backside of an empty warehouse that I have been eyeballing for weeks now.



Is that not the finest door you have seen this year? I cannot believe it has taken me so long to check this place out.

  1. Jeanne says:

    So fine. Need to talk again about a collaboration.

    • Well, I’d suggest we go out for coffee, but that seems rather redundant given your in-house coffee bar. 🙂 (I almost did call you the other day and then thought…duh. ) But, yes…I’d surely like an idea of what you envision and it would be interesting to see my work transformed.

  2. Your post has me dream-surfing from here in LA where winter has become inverted and the polar vortex but the latest instance of journalism’s incessant need for headlines. From here I can only fantasize upon the effects of super-cold on the mind, body, and derelict buildings and reap the benefits.

    • Dream-surfing (I love that term) to sub-zero spots requires a far less extensive wardrobe than reality tripping. I am happy to provide you with some vicarious frostbite!
      (I should have added heated car seats to my list of equipment above. Keep the seat set on “high” and the car running (when possible) so that when you can no longer feel your fingers, pop back into the car and sit on your hands until feeling returns.)

      • As much as I miss real winter – my romantic memories of it…I grew up on the east coast, I don’t miss much of its reality and, so, will pass on the frostbite, ears and fingers ready to fall off, hand-sitting, slush, skidding, overheated rooms, etc. and happily settle for its second hand depiction via your magic lens and from my safe distance.

    • You’ve chosen wisely. Today I did a slow-motion genuflection on Marjorie’s driveway, sending a latte I was delivering flying through the air.
      Fortunately, that one was hers. Mine was safe.

  3. sedge808 says:

    I love all the detail I can see.

  4. Lignum Draco says:

    Sounds like you have frostbite on the brain. 🙂

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