This is the Pulliam Power Plant site, located at the mouth of the Fox River in Green Bay. You can dress this one up–and, trust me–I gave it my best shot, but it is impossible to make it sing. The matter was complicated the day I took these by the thick gray haze that hung over the city like a supersaturated cotton ball. All the shots I took were gray and grainy, filtered by that dense wet air. Zero sunshine, of course.

I did the photographer’s version of putting lipstick on this first picture: all the colors were pumped as far as they could go.

pull full

The results were still not making my heart dance, so I went with diversion as my next technique. A slice ‘o plant is…interesting, right?

pull crop

Ultimately, this last once proved to be my favorite. Viewed through the barbed wire, we can abandon the pretext that this is a lovely colorful site and give it all the “grim” props it deserves.


If you want to locate yourself with respect to the At the Mouth of the Fox post from a week ago, it’s pretty easy. I am standing on the east side of the Fox River. To my left are the local Coast Guard station and Tower Drive Bridge. Directly in front of me on the west side of the river is the Pulliam Plant. To my right are the bright pink structures from that post.

  1. Jeanne says:

    Not a very pretty site unless you are there for the small area of open water (mergansers, goldeneyes, cormorants, geese) or the tree at the far right (eagles).

  2. Karen Taylor says:

    You have shown us the grim side of fossil fuel. No matter how much lipstick you put on this pig she will never get asked to the prom.

  3. andykidd says:

    the first image for me. Viewed full size, I like the contrast between the river, the snow on the bank and the colors and shapes of the industrial complex. Unlike the Eskimos, we have only two words for snow in Adelaide, “wot’s that?” The softer version is certainly softer 🙂

    • Well, thank you, Andy, for making me pass oatmeal through my nose…I’ll clean that mess up later. (I will be quoting you, btw, on the snow words.)
      I like the first image for exactly the reasons you gave. (And I started to explain why, but that is too cumbersome for a reply box, so I will simply say “thank you.” ) I do always appreciate it when someone responds to the components of a picture as you did.

  4. sedge808 says:

    love the wire fence.

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