…they gathered silently, but with purpose.

“The operation is in danger,” the one known only as Gray said. “Word has leaked to the authorities about our plans.”

There were cries of disbelief, shouts of protest. Finally, Wingman said aloud what the rest had only been thinking. “Is there a mole in our organization?”

“Worse than that,” hissed Gray. He spat the next words as a curse: “A stool pigeon.”

bird tower

  1. Marjorie says:

    Oh it’s so good to be homing…..that is, home.

  2. Karen Taylor says:

    Mostly stool. Red Dawn has nothing on this pic.

  3. hilarious…love the photo also.

  4. jlheuer says:

    I should shout out something bird-worthy here like “Walter Pigeon!” or “Christopher Wren!”, but I won’t.

  5. Lignum Draco says:

    What a large erect… 🙂

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