Yesterday, the up-close and detailed shots. Today, we draw back to see one massive tower in its full glory.


Perhaps I should have said in its full mythic glory, rising from the clouds of steam and fog.


Cue opening strains of Carmina Burana as the tower is fully revealed.


I’m equally fond of these last two. Just depends on what you are trying to say.



Oh, truly I am a Philistine afflicted with ADD.  I started humming Carmina Burana as I typed and then I started singing the lyrics to the Carlton Beer commercial and then I had to go find the ad on YouTube just to watch it one more time. If you’ve never seen it, you must go watch. If you have seen it before, you’ll probably want to go watch it again. (I suppose if you live in Carlton Beer Land, you may have tired of it a few years ago. Sorry.) Follow the link below.

Carlton Beer Draught – It´s a BIG Ad

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    That brings back memories. Would you believe I was an extra in that ad?

    No? Well then, would you believe I watched that ad whilst drinking a beer?

    No? That’s a nice series of images about a towering inferno.

    • Oh, shoot, Dragon. I would have believed you on the extra story. You’re half a world away…hard to disprove. However, I do believe you sipped whilst viewing. Or whilst waiting to view. Or whilst reliving memories of viewings in the past… 🙂

  2. sedge808 says:

    the chimney with the grasses is my fave, but they are all good.

  3. Marjorie says:

    Oh Patricia, you do keep me in smiles and awes! I love the passion with which you take on a subject. The beauty of these is to the sky. No. 3 is stellar in my opinion and rather phallic if I do say so. Award winner for sure!

    • Thank you, Marjorie. This is turning into a real fascination. Coming home this evening over the Tower Drive Bridge, I realized that I haven’t even considered what delights the night has to offer–those towers are churning out the Big Steam 24/7.

  4. Carl Orff must have been channeling here. As with the music, all sorts of things get stirred up. (Great commercial…haven’t seen it before.)

    • Having looked around and through these structures for countless years, suddenly I am blown away by their sheer majesty. It’s nice to keep readjusting your vision.
      Someone sent me a link to that commercial several years ago and I was SO delighted that I showed it to all my classes (“You guys have to see this!”) It was months later that I realized I had shown them a BEER commercial. Oops. Grounds for reprimand, I’m sure.

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