Top of the tower, two different finishes.

tower top1

tower top2

I’ve shared full-on pictures of the Pulliam Plant tower in the past–see Nov 24 and Jan 27 posts–so if you are not familiar with the structure, check it out.

Examining these shots closely, I realized–duh–that all those gauges and cages would indicate that workpersons have to get up there from time to time. A  fear-of-heights moment washed over me and I nearly did a swan dive to the floor from my desk chair.

Wabi Sabi follows a strict “bottom rung only” rule for how far up she will climb a ladder.

  1. Great shots for a “bottom rung only” type!

  2. Lignum Draco says:

    The towering inferno!
    I hope you didn’t hurt yourself. Explaining what happened to the Emergency Room, might have been difficult. 🙂

  3. Karen Taylor says:

    Lovely crown at the top that would never be noticed without your attention to detail. I didn’t realize terra cotta was a part of the entire process. It is a perfect medium to cook that industrial stew.

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