Oh, you didn’t think we were done with Stanley, did you?




Standing behind the VFW. Turn 90 degrees to your right and you are looking at the green side of the collapsed building from the last post.

I tell you this in the event that you are planning a trip to Stanley to see these sights for yourself. Think of Wabi Sabi as your concierge blogger.


There’s a street-side front to the VFW that holds a huge patriotic mural, but I was far more interested in the painted blue bricks.


I have still more from Stanley, but I think I’ll hold those for another day.

Question for you: If you are not from Wisconsin, do you know what a Smelt Fry is?


  1. Marjorie says:

    is that having smelled? sorry…..my head is blocked

  2. andykidd says:

    Smelt. Without Googling, is that sort of fish? Would you have it with french fries? Is it safe to eat?
    Love the brickwork showing through the paint. I’ll have to show you our house before we renovated it.

    • Like big sardines. They “run” during spawning time and people harvest with nets. Flour them and fry them up, eat them with all parts intact. “Smelt feeds” are common around Wisconsin at places like the VFW or the American Legion Hall.
      Good idea on the house pix…I look forward t seeing them!

  3. Lignum Draco says:

    Smelt fry? Waiting with baited breath …

  4. Drawn to image #1 by the exposed brick revealing some inner essence and #4 by the contrast between the exposed brick contrasting with the blue and again suggesting some kind of secrets. I mean, it looks like someone lives there…hmm, what living in that would that be like? An artist’s studio perhaps…or a photographer’s secret retreat.

    • What do you think about that little “eyebrow” of brick down low? Do you think there was once a window down there and over time, things were filled in and then a sidewalk installed?

      I’m reading Michael Pollan’s “Cooked” and thought you might like this description of a BBQ joint: “The proportions of this ramshackle wedding cake strongly suggest that no architect was involved in its conception, but that, more than likely, the design process involved some strong drink and a napkin.”

  5. sedge808 says:

    boarded up….beautifully.

  6. Marjorie says:

    I’m back with a clearer head….. Thank you for helping me solve my painting. You gave me permission to get out my scraper, without knowing. We find such cheer in dilapidation.

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