I am working on a series of pictures that have rendered me nearly breathless with excitement. When I am really feeling good about a single picture or a whole group, I get wildly agitated.

Can’t sit still.

I pace.

I go into my pantry and straighten the shelves. I eat anything that is out of place.

In other words, I divert myself in any way possible from the task at hand.

These two pictures are from that group. While I’m pretty pleased with them, I haven’t assembled the parts into a cohesive whole yet, so these come to you sans back story and explanation. 

Now, please excuse me while I return to the pantry to restructure my entire system of cataloguing and storing root vegetables.



  1. Lignum Draco says:

    Ok, better fasten my safety belt. 🙂

  2. I relate to your process, the agitation part that precedes the yes moment.
    (Evidently my store of knowledge is missing something here- the identity of those structures, the metal ones – which I will patiently wait to be advanced by your back story.)
    Hope you’ve moved on from your pantry in search of equilibrium. Look forward to the results.

    • It’s generally a pretty good indicator that I’m going in the right direction…and I will have to admit that I like the feeling. I wish I could summon it at will.
      I’m going to make a guess here and say that those tanks are probably evaporators. Holding my breath until I have delivered enlargements to the framer on Monday and then I will share.

  3. ventisqueras says:

    very interesting shot

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