Beyond the railroad tracks and snowbanks, you can find a most impressive art collection.

Very minimal, blocks of color:



Some uber-gritty:


Framing changes everything here.


Even  three-dimensional pieces: “Stockpiling Peace.”



  1. sedge808 says:

    all fabulous. love the reflection too.

  2. Marjorie says:

    Couldn’t wait for backside view….beyond my expectation! These are the paintings I’ve wanted to do…white on white, especially no. 1. Yummmmm.

  3. Tammy Brusky says:

    I love number one. The mixture of nature and man made elements composed perfectly with great lines. You took my breathe away. That one’s a showstopper.

  4. Lignum Draco says:

    Interesting shots, and the different framing on uber-gritty makes a tremendous difference.

  5. Wonderful images; sensitive eye.

  6. andykidd says:

    hey my comment never arrived – it was something about my wife, not knowing anything about the artist, saying things like “an artist”, “a good eye”, “nice framing”, love the milkiness” etc. I forget what I added, but I didn’t want you to get a big head 🙂

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