Well…not the country. Terry Gilliam’s dystopian-but-visually-awesome movie, “Brazil,”  has always been a big favorite of mine.

 Last week, Wabi Sabi and her wheelman came upon an abandoned furniture factory.

And this is what the rear of the building looked like: A crazy dance of multi-colored pipes straight out of Gilliam’s retro-shaped future.





As I have been working on these pictures, I realize that I prefer them cropped down to abstracts and I will post some of those, but first I really wanted you to see this madcap jumble. Even though I toned the colors down drastically, they are still surprising colorful, giving this space a real cartoon-like feeling.





  1. Karen Taylor says:

    Lovely shadows. A pipe asylum. The pipes are running wild. There is a lot of action in these shots.

  2. Oh, “pipe asylum!” I love it! Thank you.

  3. Lignum Draco says:

    I never heard of this movie. I just watched a short on youtube. It’s on my list to watch now. Thanks.
    Just imagine if there was steam in these photos. Don’t get too excited….

    • Would have replied sooner, but I swooned at the idea of adding steam to this scene.
      No, wait! I had the vapors. That’s it.
      I hope you enjoy the movie…it actually bears more than one viewing because it is visually dense.

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