Not the one by Sir Thomas More of England,  but by Palmer Johnson of Sturgeon Bay. The Utopia is one of three wooden Palmer Johnson yachts that are still sailing today.

When were they built? At what point do vessals morph from “boat” to “yacht?” Ummm…

 Had I been listening to the tour guide instead of wandering around and taking pictures, I suppose I would know.

Instead, it will come as no surprise to you that your ADD-afflicted friend, Wabi Sabi, was thoroughly seduced by red paint and geometric configurations. The group moved on to check out the $50 million yacht being built for a Russian oligarch whose name could not be revealed while Wabi Sabi continued circling the Utopia, making little happy noises as she took pictures.






Let’s see: red? Check. Interesting wood? Check. Camera? Check.

Sounds like Utopia to me.



  1. Lignum Draco says:

    Sounds like you were in your element. However, the others must have been wondering what you were doing.

  2. Love the reds…the final one is concentrated sunset needing to be blown up and hung in a gallery.

  3. Marjorie says:

    A beautiful as well as accurate rendering of the morning. I knew full well you were intoxicated by the surfaces, space and yes, the reds.

    • I wonder if there is a nautical reason for all that red? That seems to be a universal color for all the freighters…and of course I love love love it.
      Let’s get the date on next year’s calendar, shall we? We’ll make it an annual outing. 🙂

  4. andykidd says:

    Believe me, my young Wabi Sabi, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about with boats.”
    (Adapted from Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows)

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