Sorry…make that “Wabi Sabi Abroad.”

Darned punctuation “conventions.”

rooftops 1

Ten full days in Paris. Maybe 800 pictures.  I can break them down into Rain, Rooftops, Cemeteries and Building Facades with a small group labelled Totally Random Stuff. I will be weaving them in and out of posts for the next six months.

Thought I’d start with a rooftop shot.

(Brace yourself. There’s more where this came from.)

Well, I certainly missed you while I was gone.

  1. David says:

    Waiting with open eyes!

  2. Pépé le Moko says:

    where else do you find yellow scaffolding????? si merveilleux ma chère

  3. jlheuer says:

    No mistake- An American Broad in Paris.

  4. Jean says:

    Intense and wonderful!

  5. Brilliant shot. Can’t wait for the others!

  6. Lignum Draco says:

    well, I’m surprised they let you into the country, and now I’m surprised they let you out.
    800 pictures? Some tourists (ahem) take that much in 1 day. 🙂
    Looking forward to the rest and glad to see you back.

    • With my French surname, I was able to confound the border guards.
      I consider those 800 pictures to be a nearly-Spartan number. Sometimes it is necessary to balance photo-shoot mode with “we’ve voted and if you bring your camera this evening, we are throwing you in the Seine.”
      And I missed you, too. 🙂

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