Continuing a look at the statuary in Pere Lachaise cemetery. (Eleven images)

While there were traditional angels and generic statues-of-sadness everywhere, there were also busts of people as they had been in life. These were easily my favorites.


20140512_0437          20140512_0432





I had to include two of this next bust just to show that I hadn’t slipped an old photo into the mix.

20140512_0500          20140512_0501










  1. Karen Taylor says:

    Wow! Imagine seeing the actual chiseled likeness of those that have passed. Here is a situation in which we see improvement with age. They have weathered well.

    • Sometimes it’s hard to look at the photo of a loved one…I wonder how it would have been to gaze at their very three-dimensional likeness? (And that is why neither Mary Lincoln nor Martha Washington ever once visited Mt Rushmore…)

  2. Hello
    Good idea to shoot the sculptures faces in a cemetery. Old a very nice I think.
    I’m in holiday now and if I have time I’ll go to the cemetery of Montparnasse near home.
    Have a nice saturday 😀

  3. Lignum Draco says:

    These look so lifelike. I wonder if they are poses they would have wanted to be remembered by, if they could choose before they died.

    • I wondered that as well. I would say the fellow in the last shot, however–the one who appears to have a colony of bees living on his lower face–could not have willingly chosen that look for himself.

  4. sedge808 says:

    they are so life like.

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