Eight photos.

It was a lovely visit to the Great North and I was delighted to see friends and check out some of the settings for my misspent youth. I think our exorcisms went well, all things considered. (I feel that Karen’s tap-dance routine on you-know-who’s grave was questionable, but there really was a lot of history there, so who am I to judge?

And I did rediscover the delights of a Brandy Old-Fashioned. So that was something, too.


I packed two cameras, three lenses and some assorted cards and batteries, but didn’t anticipate much of anything for photo ops. I was dead wrong.

Can you say Abandoned Sawmill?

Holy cow holy cow holy cow. 

What follows is a mere sampler. As time goes on, I will prep and arrange the 600+ other shots (!) in a more coherent order, but once again, my lack of self-discipline (what is this delayed gratification of which you speak?) makes it imperative to offer these NOW.

20140930_4552  20140930_4455  20140929_4804

These three thumbnails are included to give you some idea of the size of this operation. Click on them for full-sized views.








  1. SwittersB says:

    Oh Wabi…I especially like the second to last shot…great discovery!

  2. SwittersB says:

    Ok the first one is awesome too! 🙂

  3. sedge808 says:

    ‘I think our exorcisms went well, all things considered.’
    very beautiful shots. me LikE

  4. Lignum Draco says:

    600+ photos of an abandoned sawmill? The exorcism may not have gone as well as you’d hoped.
    Were your friends ready for this behaviour of yours?

  5. andykidd says:

    Well Ms Wabi Sabi you appear to have hit the mother lode.I was expecting a sawmill in Deliverance type surroundings, not the whole military industrial complex. These are great and I look forward to the next episodes. Beware of folk playing Dueling Banjos 😊

    • And then some! This had been a major employer around those parts and it would appear that it was literally abandoned. There’s nothing easily portable left, but more shattered glass, rotting wood and rusted metal than you could ever imagine.
      I’ll be honest: it was more than a little nervous-making to be wandering around in there, especially well out of sight of the road and passing cars.

  6. Karen Taylor says:

    You have done the rust and and torn metal justice. The colors are beautiful. My favorites are the first and fourth. Too bad no one else could hear the strange thuds we heard during our visits. It was great fun, but my mushroom finds in the sawdust showed none to be edible. DNR was my source.

  7. […] more of the Abandoned Sawmill, see “Holy Mother of Pearl” https://wabisabiphotography.wordpress.com/2014/10/02/holy-mother-of-pearl/ and several other posts tagged “Abandoned […]

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