Six images

A return to the sawmill series, looking at some rusty details.

Two different shots here. I framed the pipe up in both portrait and landscape. Each says something a little different.



I’ve not been Faithful Blogger this fall season. (NOT that I have been unfaithful to you. No, no no.)


I decided that this year, I would take full and glorious advantage of being unemployed and scheduled as many adventures as two months could hold. Good plan, Wabi Sabi!


Four trips down, one (maybe two?) to go: I believe I have used these two months to their fullest, though as a result, I’ve been light on the posting and commenting.


I’m not one to make excuses, but some of the places I’ve been have heretofore only been glimpsed by the Google Earth satellite. And then, as you well know, internet connections are often spotty in war zones. And what do you DO when a python eats your backup battery? I may have mentioned that I was (true story) drummed out of the Girl Scouts when I was 12 for being “insubordinate.” Well, apparently I missed the Heimlich on a Python badge work.


What I’m trying to say is that once I am home and fully debriefed by the State Department on this last little outing, I will give you my undivided attention.

  1. David says:

    I love these, in spite of your excuses 😉 the third one is exquisite!

  2. sedge808 says:

    i like the simplicity here…and the rust, of course.

  3. So excellent that you have been able to travel during your down time. Pythons and State Department debriefings… sounds like you aren’t staying out of trouble! Can’t wait for your photojournalist report!

  4. betsy says:

    Loved the girl scout reference. I wasn’t sure of the age but it is still very clear in my memory,….. Whatever did we do that was so wrong?? Seriously anyway loved the sixth pic.

    • Looking back, I think it was mostly that we were a…”lively”… bunch and it was just easier on the leaders to weed out the troublemakers…though I don’t think the words Betsy Thompson and troublemaker have ever appeared in the same sentence together before today. 🙂

      Thank you. #6 is currently my super-favorite.

  5. Lignum Draco says:

    I was desperately hoping to see a pair of mouse eyes peering out from that hole in the wall. And then I realised the python probably got it first.

  6. andykidd says:

    Go forth Wabi Sabi and deliver us more of the above. Not knowing snow ⛄ I say photograph the sawmill in mid Winter ❄

    • I’ve not forgotten what you call snow in your world: “What’s that?” 🙂
      I can totally get behind “brave” but not so much with “foolhardy”–once the snow blankets the place, who knows what lies beneath, like maybe snow snakes?
      (Okay…that’s payback for living in a snow-free zone. 🙂 )

  7. Marjorie says:

    Ah for No. 3 and 6. Truly wabi sabi in the Japanese way of being. I’ll be on call for the snow saw mill excursion!

  8. Karen Taylor says:

    You guys were bad, bad, bad! You went over to where the Boy Scouts were camping. Your counselors woke up and you weren’t there. Shame on you! I was a Girl Scout dropout two weeks before this horrible camp outing took place. Had I stayed…….. I suppose I would have been kicked out as well. As I recall the entire troop was kicked out, weren’t they?

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