Three images and a few lyrics.

Am I blue
Am I blue
Ain’t these tears in my eyes tellin’ you

Am I blue

You would be, too
If your plans with your man
Done fell through


There was a time
That I was his only one
And now I’m the sad and lonely one, lonely…”


With nods to Ella Fitzgerald, Tom Robbins and the Abandoned Sawmill

Wabi Sabi returns in two weeks. Stay away from my sawmill while I am gone.

  1. sedge808 says:

    ‘If your plans with your man
    Done fell through’ 😦

  2. Lignum Draco says:

    What sort of a weirdo combines photos with song lyrics???
    Enjoy your break. πŸ™‚

  3. gretpass says:

    As usual, I love the pics!

  4. Marjorie says:

    Mood in your vocabulary of art making, a nice touch

  5. Karen Taylor says:

    Almost missed this. Blue and brown reds compliment one another. Lovely musical flow.

  6. Such great color! awesome post. Don’t stay away too long, and when you return, bless us with MORE πŸ™‚

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