Seven breath-taking images from the Tennessee highway system. 

Your friend, Wabi Sabi, is a low-maintenance adventurer. When it is my turn to drive, I am all about the task at hand: eyes on the road, scenery be damned.

When it is my turn to ride shotgun, I do it with a Canon. (In the spirit of full disclosure, if I am NOT taking pictures, I am quite possibly slumped against the window, leaving little drool trails on the glass.)

The Great State of Tennessee is not tall but is mighty wide, taking several hours to traverse, thus giving me ample opportunity to put my camera to good use.


tail lights sized

stand still sized

winding road sized

rain slice sized

big red truck

yellow truck


panoramic hill shot sized

Your take-aways from this post?

Tennessee is mountainous, and Wabi Sabi is a woman easily amused.

I dulled the colors and details on #3 and #7, choosing a deliberately throw-back look reminiscent  of faded travel post cards from the 1950’s.

  1. you make me laugh! Hope you had fun!

  2. David says:

    You’ve brought back memories of my years in Knoxville, with treks back and forth to Nashville or Memphis along I-40.

  3. Lignum Draco says:

    That’s a lot of drool on the windows to get that effect. 🙂

    I had hoped you were in a convertible, Thelma and Louise style, without the ending. 🙂

    • I’m adding a 10% screen-cleaning fee surcharge to your bill to cover the number of times I have done a spit-take on your comments.

      A moon-roof, open or not, just doesn’t have the same panache as a convertible…but is a whole lot drier. 🙂

  4. marty gallagher says:

    Your shots took me back to riding through New York state years ago to visit my mom.

  5. jlheuer says:

    really like: riding shotgun with a Canon… the pictures too.

  6. Pépé le Moko says:

    the world awaits …have canon, will travel….

  7. Karen Taylor says:

    Looked all too familiar. Why is it always raining there. Glad you arrived home safely.

  8. sedge808 says:

    loving the blurry truck

  9. andykidd says:

    Hey welcome back or have I missed an earlier post. I am trawling back through the reader and picking up lots of good bits and pieces. Drool on the window and spit on the screen was not what I expected though.Too much information 😊

    • Hey, Andy! It was a visit to family in Atlanta plus a little “Discover America” by highway, so there was a short break.
      I’ve run both the car and my computer screen through the car wash so we should be good. 🙂
      I’ve enjoyed your photo-excursions lately…some vicarious summer adventures in the place of our own end-of-fall.

  10. Great road trip photos. They are not easy to take. Took quite a lot during two very long road trips. The first, four years ago, a ten-week trip from Ottawa ON to Seattle, throught the US Northern Plains ; the second, last spring, from Montreal to Sarasota FL in five days, return in eight weeks.

    Most people would not take pictures of traffic jams, or of roads on rainy days, much less post them. Yet there is beauty in theses scenes. It’s all in the mind, and the eye…

    • Thank you, Fernan–I think traffic in the rain is just a never-ending source of great beauty: red taillights, reflections on the roadways, rain on the windows. It requires only two things: a camera and someone else to drive!

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