Five images

I have had some serious photo-lust going over this farm site for at least three years.  When I go walking, I park my car maybe 10 yards from the property, sigh mightily and promise myself that I will beg the owners for permission to shoot the many buildings there.


But it’s not easy to walk up to a stranger’s door, introduce yourself and ask permission to roam around their yard with a camera.


Last night when I parked in my usual spot, there were actually folks out front and buoyed by…I don’t know…having had a really good day, I made myself do it.

I won’t kid you: I choked, babbled and blushed like a nervous suitor. In fact, I was so nervous that I (I cannot believe this) neglected to ask anyone’s name. Seriously. As a result, I cannot call ahead to say I’m coming. I don’t even have an address—I just know how to get there. HOWEVER…I have permission to photograph the site. (YES!)


So, this is what I can tell you:  the barns and sheds are over one hundred years old, they are falling down and things are falling down inside them as well. I swore to stay outside of all structures, which is apparently a great idea since families of woodchucks and raccoons have taken over the space. Spiders, too, I’ll bet.

And they are astoundingly beautiful.

The buildings. Not the spiders.

Now, I HAVE always felt that woodchucks are truly handsome creatures, but perhaps I am straying…


When I started to process this bunch, I made myself a promise: no fussing with the colors. The reds are not pumped up, but truly pop this way on the weathered gray boards.




I will pack smelling salts in my camera bag when I go back, because I am going to be doing some serious swooning.

  1. jlheuer says:

    Pics #3, #4 look just like the covers of a unique journal. Even the size looks right. 😉

  2. andykidd says:

    Well done 😊 and big tick to the (presumed) owners for allowing that weirdo to roam unchecked 😊. The pictures show you are in your element

    • Oh, nice…”presumed owners”…as in, the REAL owners will show up and have me shot on sight, right? 🙂
      I am serious when I say that I have never taken such a beautiful series as I did yesterday. The lighting was perfect–no glare, no shadows–and the colors just popped. I expect that’s how you are feeling about your Port Fairy series.

  3. Lignum Draco says:

    I long to own a property, where I can sit on a rocking chair, on the front porch, with a sign “trespassers welcome” at the front gate. And hounds of hell around the corner which I can release by remote control.

    Wonderful shots. Watch out for the hounds from hell next time you go back. 🙂

    • Ummm…uncanny parallel to my own thoughts. The owners were really sweet, but when I arrived yesterday, there was no one home. I set out to speed-shoot the lot, but the farther away from the house I got, the more I began to wonder about…well, giant killer raccoons or gangs of drug-crazed woodchucks…and just why I had left my phone in the car.

      Thank you. I will now add “hounds of hell” to the contents of my anxiety closet. 🙂

  4. Karen Taylor says:

    Very nice. Rabid raccoons frequent old buildings. Beware.

  5. sedge808 says:

    ‘families of woodchucks and raccoons have taken over the space. Spiders, too, I’ll bet.’


    what a fab site. the wood is such an excellent color & tones.

  6. marty gallagher says:

    love the Chattanooga bridge shots!

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