Posted: November 25, 2014 in 17-85mm lens, Architecture, Barns, Canon 60D, Deserted, Details, Doors, Old buildings, Old Wood, Photography, The Old Barn, Wabi Sabi, Wisconsin

Wow. There is sooooo much going on here. Image #4 from the last post is part of today’s larger “broad side of a barn” picture. I thought you would enjoy seeing the window in context.

I am trying hard to present these shots in a logical progression, but sometimes I just want to Skype every last one of you (group call!) and say “Look! Look! Is this not amazing?”

Maybe we could call this image a tease for the upcoming “Doors” series.


Assuming that my passport and papers are in good order, I will be back from visiting my Minnesota family in a few days. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. SwittersB says:

    You are beautifully working every rustic inch of that barn! Love it!

  2. andykidd says:

    A choice of three doors and a window, I can understand your pain!

  3. Lignum Draco says:

    A nice parting shot. Enjoy your holiday.

  4. sedge808 says:

    love the turkey and the barn.

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