One image, taken from the east bank of the Fox River and facing west.

Parked my car under the “Don’t Park Here” sign in the back of St. Brendan’s Inn, got out with my camera and then looked at the river. Actually gasped aloud and said something that my friend, Angie, would call an “excited utterance.”

This is the very first thing I saw:


Fully worth both a gasp and an utterance, I would say.


  1. Jane Lurie says:

    Yes! Well worth a gasp or two. Great shot!

  2. andykidd says:

    Had the same effect on my mind 😊 I need to explore more superlatives or devise a scale of photographic greatness. But at the moment “striking image” 😊

  3. Schwister says:

    Wonderful image! I really like that stretch of the river and downtown Green Bay.

    • Thank you. I wish it was a little more…glamorous…down there, but the east side of the river has a really nice walking/biking path. I like that stretch as well.

      • Schwister says:

        It was wonderful on July 4th. My wife and I ate at St. Brendan’s then walked along the festival along the river and enjoyed the different bands, fireworks, and a surprising diversity of people. The next morning we took another walk and found a nice coffee shop.

        Some U.S. cities – Chicago and Milwaukee, for example – are just beginning to highlight their rivers as San Antonio did a long time ago. I saw how Green Bay is doing the Packers/Vince Lombardi history thing around town but the history of the river could be a draw as well.

        But, yeah, it is a little industrial in places for the average tourist.

  4. John says:

    I had no idea there was so much waterfront in Green Bay. Probably because I never stopped to think about it, but that’s beside the point. Who knew? Obviously not me. But, I’m glad you’re giving me a lesson in geography with all your beautiful waterfront photos! 🙂

    • The Fox River bisects the town and empties into the Bay (part of Lake Michigan) so there is shoreline a-plenty. However, even though there is movement to clear up parts of the river area, it is pretty industrial: coal piles, warehouses, paper mills and the like. Maybe it could be characterized as a “working river.” My goal is always to look at the landscape as a stranger might and capture what they might see.

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