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I have taken dozens of daylight shots here since last year and they are–without exception–truly boring. Some clawed their way up to a yawning “okay,” but that was it.

Apparently, this place doesn’t come fully alive until after the sun goes down.


I’m sure many teens can relate to that condition.

  1. Yes it does. Just great.

  2. andykidd says:

    Bright lights and humming 😊

    • Quite loud yet virtually no people visible. When this weather breaks (hovering around zero F with biting winds at present) I’d like to go back for more.
      Correction: it is -2 F with a wind chill of -20 right now. We’re looking for a high of 8 F.

      • andykidd says:

        You are a real trooper 🙂 We are looking at 100 F today and tomorrow I think. The fire is still burning. Up to 38 houses destroyed (this figure keeps going up as people get into affected areas). About 134 people requiring treatment – no deaths fortunately. Seems weirdly disconnected.

    • Sometimes, it’s as though we are chatting with each other from two different corners of the universe.

  3. I have seen a thing like this at night as I’ve driven down an interstate at a high rate of speed with no chance of stopping and thought how beautiful it is. Thanks for catching it for me.

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