A Shipyard Lullaby in six images.

Continuing to roll out captures from Bay Shipbuilding taken last Thursday night.

With this collection, I deliberately chose to under-saturate colors, looking for a muted palette. What it feels like–to me, at least–is a collection of illustrations in search of a children’s book.







The largest freighter featured in this collection is the CSL Assiniboine.  CSL Assiniboine was built in 1977, is 740 feet long and flies the Canadian flag. Next to her (showing red lights) is the Hon James L Oberstarr and farthest to the left can be seen another Canadian vessel,  the CSL Laurentien.

  1. sedge808 says:

    these are excellent

  2. Schwister says:

    I’ve really enjoyed this series of photos over the last few days. Wonderful!

  3. Karen Taylor says:

    Very nice! There is not much prettier than ship lights and the night sky.

  4. Jeanne says:

    Goodnight Moon: the Sequel?

  5. andykidd says:

    Good ones, nice to see you braved the cold.

    • I am keeping watch on the forecasts for another relatively clear night with temps hovering around freezing so that I can return. I feel as though there are some good shots still waiting. (This is about 40 miles away from me, so it’s not like I can do a drive-by after work every day.)

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