Posted: February 9, 2015 in 17-85mm lens, Bay Shipbuilding, Canon 7D, Construction, Details, Industrial, Photography, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
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The Puppeteer

The Man Behind the Curtain

The Ghost in the Machine

I took a series of daytime shots at the shipyard this weekend, concentrating on the huge Manitowoc crane which transports material across the yard. Even though the crane was carrying steel plates and giant ladders onto the ships, I was struck by the slow and graceful movements of material suspended from chains and advancing purposefully above the yard. I felt as though I was watching acrobats performing high above the audience at a circus.

Ahhhh…but who is the mover and shaker here? Who directs the show, keeps acts moving?

Meet the Ringmaster.



Pretty sure you are going to have to view these shots full-sized in order to find the fellow in blue jeans and a flannel shirt.


I’ll show you the series this week.

  1. Karen Taylor says:

    Can’t wait yo see the rest of your pictures.

  2. Jane Lurie says:

    Love the graphic nature of these, Patricia.

  3. sedge808 says:

    oh my…how beautiful.

  4. andykidd says:

    Each is Interesting. The MC seems so relaxed, steel against sky is such a a contrast. But i love the last design. Keep them coming Wabi Sabi as I seem to have lost my mojo somewhere amongst all the things I should be doing.

    • Agree and agree. I cannot begin to imagine such a job.
      I’m sorry about a lag in responding–I worked my supervisory job last week and that pretty much occupied my entire head. (Oh…but I really enjoy it.) Add to that the incredible cold here (woke up to -7 degrees, it heated up to a high of +5 by afternoon) and MY creative mojo is huddling in a corner somewhere as well. 🙂

  5. Marjorie says:

    I love seeing these through your lens. Dave and I were in Sturgeon Bay last weekend and saw these mighty ships so accessible to our viewing. I didn’t see what you have put into fine images, however, as I was fixed on gritty surfaces and the intersections of one against another. One does not need to search the world for such sights…..backyard at its finest!

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