Three images from the ethanol plant in Cambria

After so much narrative yesterday, I’ll stick with pictures today.




How DOES one answer a stranger who asks why you are taking so many pictures of his facility? I still can’t think of a good short answer to that question.

  1. smilingtoad says:

    The endless conundrum for me too!!! Even worse, “Why are you taking so many photographs of my facility, and why are you crawling on the ground as you do it? Are you injured? Are you trying to gather evidence? Are you an investigator? Are you going to sue me?” Er…how does one begin to explain?

    Beautiful images. Love the dramatic steam, the textures, the low light. A dramatic, industrial scene. Love it. Best wishes,

    Autumn Jade

    • Yes! This isn’t the first time I’ve been questioned and I absolutely understand why someone would ask. It is just that when I hear myself say “This is so beautiful” I feel so…lamely air-headedly girly and that is the Anti-Me. Have you figured out a better response? I suppose I could spit, scratch myself and grunt “She’s a fine ‘un, that she is” but that may or may not be any better.

      Glad you like the images…I think this is some particularly fine steam. 🙂

  2. sedge808 says:

    it breathes fire and steam….it’s ALIVE ! 🙂

  3. Lignum Draco says:

    Just start singing, Steam, by Peter Ghabriel.

    Give me steam
    And how you feel to make it real
    Real as any place you’ve been
    Get a life with the dreamer’s dream

    Stand back!
    Stand back!
    Can’t you see I’ve lost control I’m getting indiscreet
    You’re moving in so close ’til I’m picking up
    Picking up this heat, this heat

  4. Karen Taylor says:

    Daenery’s Targaryen. The great dragon.

  5. Marjorie says:

    Creative dialogue going on here and recent posts. Steam such a hard act to follow! Your work has so much verb… the process of photographing and your recorded images. Always narrative and always bringing light to my mood. I delight in knowing your studio light means lots of musings going on behind those blinds. Are these images Chapter 2 or 20 of your impending literary escapade?

    • Well, you caught me on that point and I am glad you did: this too is narrative (verb!)–just not verbal. I need to articulate that to myself more often.

      And now you can see why I was so hand-waving eye-rolling seat-bouncing at lunch last week as I tried to describe it all to you. 🙂

      (I really do want to be creating but in order to avoid such a scary thing, I am pulling down all the books in my library and reorganizing the shelves. Stacks of books and open boxes abound.)

  6. John says:

    “I’m with the government. We’re here to help… but we need some pictures first.” 🙂

  7. andykidd says:

    You know what I like in these, but particularly the last, is the steam PLUS the ice. So we have windpower, steam and ice. But there’s more. i love the exhaust pipes and the “some sort of” cover in the last -of course there’s the lovely colour of it all. We wanted to paint one of our garden walls to have that sort of rusty, streaky, washed sort of effect.

    • You listed the things that I like as well. You can always print the picture, take it to the paint store and say “Mix me some Cambrian Ethanol Rust.” (Garden wall: Sounds so lovely. I want one. No, I want several. 🙂 )

  8. Brave Ranger says:

    Here is the answer: Wear a black headscarf covering your face and continue taking pictures.

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