Posted: April 2, 2015 in 17-85mm lens, Architecture, Canon 7D, Deserted, Details, Feed Mills, Photography, Reflections, Wabi Sabi, Windows, Wisconsin
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From a recent back roads ramble: one image from the Maribel Grain Company of Maribel, Wisconsin.


The Devil’s River State Trail goes through Maribel, passing close enough to the feed mill that you can almost reach out and touch the building. It’s on my list of “Places to Explore” for this summer, particularly since the trail appears flat enough for my biking talents.

Wherever you live, I hope it is warm today. Here in Wisconsin it is and has been gray and cold. Sometimes the weather toasts up to “merely chilly” and those eternal optimists among us haul snow shovels to the shed and parkas to the basement. Persephone, who has been acting suspiciously like an emo teen this spring, teases us with this hint of normal, then loses enthusiasm for her project and sinks back to “cold” with an eye roll and a sigh.

That’s our scene today: cold, a short burst of sunshine, and then, exhausted by the effort of putting on a good face, she doubled down on the gray, added an aggressive wind and infused the whole thing with a wet and penetrating cold. Being outdoors is like being smacked around by a cold and wet dirty gray towel.

I stand ready for summer.

  1. andykidd says:

    Mmmmmm love it. When is the next Wabi Sabi featured exhibition?

    • Hello, Andy and thank you. I have a picture in the Neville show right now, but nothing else. (It’s almost the same as the shot in my Dec 30 post.)
      How goes the assault on your PhD? Making progress?

      • andykidd says:

        Not so good. I come home from work and just want to chill. I have stopped taking photos but for no gain. However, it must progress and it will. Keep warm 🙂 I really do like this image in total.

  2. jlheuer says:

    Where in Wisconsin were you today? It was 60 at my house w/ some sn. We did some yard work this afternoon. Nice photo though.

  3. Schwister says:

    I like the interruption of the red rectangle within the black and grays and the somewhat disorienting quality of the images within the image. I couldn’t figure out if those were reflections on glass or if the farmer had plugged the broken windows with some old artwork that was sitting around (and happened to be the right size for the job). Wonderful!

  4. Jane Lurie says:

    My kind of image… great composition, lines and pop of color. And the reflection just makes it sing.

  5. I will second Jane’s posting, my kind of image as well. I love the reflections in the the window too… a picture hanging on a wall…..amazing!

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