Posted: June 20, 2015 in Abstracts, Arboretum, Deserted, Photography, Trees, Wabi Sabi, Woods

So, one minute I’m a diligent and conscientious blogger and the next…”Shiny!”

Yowza! Let the wandering of my attention begin.

Any time I’ve gotten close to anything WordPressy,  I’m  all “Squirrel!” or “Shiny Squirrel” or even “Shiny Chocolate Squirrel!” And, I’m off.

Not that I haven’t been taking pictures. I have. In fact, for the past month or so, I have been Woman Obsessed with Trees. So, to be completely honest, I’ve been spending time with my camera, just not my computer.

This is some of what I’ve been doing and given that I generally do very realistic work, it’s a huge departure.


I’m not all that sure HOW to share the new stuff,  so I’ve been stockpiling my work instead of sharing it. That pretty much explains my absence.

Plus, there was this shiny squirrel…

From the Department of Cool News, three (!!) of my pieces were juried into the CoPA show in Kenosha. The show opens tomorrow, June 21, at the Anderson Art Center, though I will not be able to attend. (Apparently, the show will open regardless of my presence or lack thereof.)  Truly, an outstandingly beautiful facility. Their website can be found here:

I am sorry that I have missed reading and commenting on blogs that I follow, especially YOURS. I will get right on that. If I had started looking around, I would have felt all guilty and inadequate because you were all producing and I was not. I anticipate a great wealth of material waiting for my reading pleasure and artistic astonishment.

  1. Good luck with the show.

  2. Tammy Brusky says:

    I am captivated by your Trees. Quite the departure, but simply lovely. Please share more.

  3. I’m so glad to see you back here again, and congrats to the show! It sounds as if you have been having a great time, and I think you did well to focus fully on your new direction, if that is what you needed. Can’t wait to see more of your trees! When you are reday to share, that is.

    • Thank you, thank you. I want to print all of my favorites as giant pieces and cover walls with them. I am more than anxious to get over to your place and see what you have been up to. I hope the Muses have been dancing up a storm in your studio as well.

  4. David says:

    Congratulations on the show, and the tree image is very intriguing! 2 weeks ago I realized I’d be in and out of town so much this month so I posted 3 weeks of daily posts all at once. It’s probably a bit more of a mosh mash than my normal weeks, but does keep the customers satisfied 🙂 And we now have a weeks worth of my New York City shots to look forward to after I return to peaceful Portland. Bring on your trees!

    • Thanks, David–believe it or not, I really didn’t know what to say about the current pictures. (Me! At a loss for words! What madness is this?)

      Actually, I still don’t know what to say, but I’ll work on it.

  5. Schwister says:

    Welcome back! I hope to see your work in Kenosha, just a hop, skip, etc from Chicago.

  6. Lignum Draco says:

    Well, I had wondered what had happened to you. I thought you might have been busy, or perhaps bored of blogging, or even you might have been, well, ummm, deceased. And not necessarily in that order – the mind is a strange thing.

    Actually, given the complete change in photographic direction, how do I even know this is really you? Maybe you’re really Bizarro Wabi Sabi ?

    Too much to ponder for now. I’ll see if you’re still here in the morning. On the off chance you are who you say you are, congratulations on the show.

    • Twice now I have actually checked for obits on regular commenters who suddenly disappeared. There is that small circle of people whom I look forward to hearing from and, yeah…you do wonder.

      I hate to post without chatter and I was a little hesitant to lay out such a different style without talking about it. And what if everyone hates it and then won’t be my friend and maybe I’ll have to eat lunch alone in a scrufty corner of WordPress with the kids who smell funny…

      Oops. Who opened my Anxiety Closet?

      I’ll be here in the morning. 🙂

      • Lignum Draco says:

        I’m glad you’re not dead.

      • Elisabeth Legg says:

        I totally have missed seeing your pictures.  Are you on vacation????   From: Wabi Sabi To: Sent: Friday, July 24, 2015 9:07 PM Subject: [New comment] YOU DON’T WRITE, YOU DON’T CALL… #yiv8254126736 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv8254126736 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv8254126736 a.yiv8254126736primaryactionlink:link, #yiv8254126736 a.yiv8254126736primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv8254126736 a.yiv8254126736primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv8254126736 a.yiv8254126736primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv8254126736 Lignum Draco commented: “I’m glad you’re not dead.” | |

  7. Jane Lurie says:

    Hi Patricia- Welcome back and congrats on the show. Very exciting. And, I love your impressionistic work. I really love experimenting with this technique and you’ve really nailed it here with the depth of color, light and degree of movement. Brava!

    • Thank you, Jane. It has made driving through the northwoods to be an interesting exercise. In some cases, I’m good with obvious trees, others the impression of tree and in a third category, just cool lines and colors. I figure I’ll just keep working with it until it’s mine.

      For this one, I was hustling in and out of the woods around a golf course at 6 a.m., doing my best to avoid the grounds crew :).

      • Jane Lurie says:

        It’s fun to try both vertical swipes and horizontal. Also fun to zoom the lens while shooting for a burst effect. The shots I’ve done where you can still identify the subject are my faves. Those usually are trees. 🙂

    • Horizontal makes for intriguing but unrecognizable pictures…for me…right now. But I won’t say “never.” When I put the trees aside for a moment, I’ve been working on reeds– like 6 or 8 feet tall. Their colors are breathtaking. The results look like fabric.

      • Jane Lurie says:

        Oooh– sounds great. I was obsessed with long leaves (Iris leaves by a pond) and the slight vertical movement made the image look almost like an x-ray–such cool effects. You are getting me motivated 🙂

    • Too, too funny! I spent an evening on Siberian Irises a couple of weeks ago!

  8. andykidd says:

    Why howdy Ms Wabi Sabi.Also missing the wine and cheese is a big departure. But I await for more of this. But bring back the steam and smell of random ethanol plants too when you pass by. I have missed you, welcome back 🙂

    • And howdy to my favorite Doctoral Candidate on Another Continent (a small but fiercely competitive category. )

      The wine and cheese were abandoned in favor of picking up my Minnesota Twins for a week’s visit–a most excellent trade-off.

      I’ve missed hearing from you as well. Nothing to say you can’t check in with general updates on your world. 🙂

      • andykidd says:

        Well that was an excellent tradeoff you lucky thing. We are 😊 flying t Canberra this weekend to visit my little one. I will take photos ‘cos my Son only takes bad 🙅 eating food smart phone photos 🙈

  9. Betsy says:

    I missed hearing from you. Love the tree pic.

  10. sedge808 says:

    Can I call you ‘the tree girl’ 🙂

  11. ntappa says:

    Dear Ms. Wabi Sabi: I hope this message finds you well. I really admire the Monet-esque quality you’ve created in this moment. The watery reflections in this still seem to point toward an inner harmony that holds its breath before the surface tension of our minds muddles itself with our techno-facilitated addiction to inattention. Thank you for such a charming gift to my day.

    • Thank you very much, ntappa. I appreciate your comments and insight.

      Sooooo….what are the chances that your first name is Nick?

      • ntappa says:

        Chuckle. About as likely as you stressing the importance of the Magna Carta to constitutional law.

    • Hey, Nick…I’m so glad to hear from you! You are either a doctor now or you own several third world nations…or perhaps you are the brains behind a shadowy cabal that forces world leaders to dance like the shallow meat puppets that they are. Or maybe not. Maybe you sell insurance. Or maybe you’d like us to THINK you sell insurance…

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