Posted: September 7, 2015 in 17-85mm lens, Architecture, Bay Beach Amusement Park, Canon 7D, Deserted, Details, Fog, Photography, Wabi Sabi, Wood, Zippin Pippin

Six images

We’ve had early morning fog here for four of the past ten days, so I think my posts for the next two weeks will reflect that.

Unless I see something else all shiny.

Or a squirrel.

But right now, our theme for the next several posts will be “Fog.”

Bay Beach Amusement Park,  7:00 Saturday morning,  well before the park opened and the Labor Day weekend crowds began to arrive.


This is the Zippin Pippin, a classic wooden roller coaster.



The fog provided a spectacular filter and I had my exposure dialed up to account for it. Generally the wood has a warm golden tone but that was negated by the fog and I saw no reason to attempt to recapture that color.


My favorite thing about the Pippin is the structure itself: the framework, the hardware, and the wood grain. If you have time, click on the pictures for a larger view. Then you can see what I mean about the wood.


Yes, I have ridden the Zippin Pippin–exactly once–and the crazed litany that passed through my lips for the entire ride would have done a sailor proud.


  1. Lignum Draco says:

    That’s a lot of looking up, which surprises me. And you rode it, which sounds even more surprising.

    I like the ghostly feel you’ve captured here.

    • I rode it once, because I thought “How bad can it be?” And then for the next few minutes, I channeled my inner Linda Blair.

      Thank you–I’d like to take credit for the ghostly atmosphere but you are honestly seeing what I was seeing Saturday.

  2. sedge808 says:

    makes for an ominous ride.
    well done.

    • You are absolutely right. There were two workers on the entire grounds of the park and they were behind-the-scenes working on the Pippin. So, once or twice, with not a soul visible, the train of cars–EMPTY–went roaring around the tracks.
      In the fog.

  3. Jane Lurie says:

    Love the start contrast of the coaster in the fog. Not many of these wooden ones left, are there? Linda Blair–Ha! I can relate. I rode the Cyclone in Coney Island in HS and I don’t think I’ve fully recovered from my terror…I won’t say how many decades ago that was. 🙂 Great set– enjoy your fog, Patricia.

  4. andykidd says:

    a wabi sabi photo ALWAYS has to be seen full screen. What would happen if you removed one of those bits of wood wabi sabi?

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