Posted: September 13, 2015 in 17-85mm lens, Abandoned, Architecture, Canon 7D, Deserted, Details, Old buildings, Photography, Wabi Sabi
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Same time and place as last week’s foggy farm posts, different building. Five images.





I like this last picture: a selfie shot into the window of today’s building. I didn’t plan it, but I will have to say it puts me in mind of the painting The Arnolfini Portrait  by the Dutch painter, van Eyck, where each component of the painting carries symbolic/iconic weight. Here I am, face obscured by my favorite camera and reflected in a smudged and dirty glass, framed by old and cracking brick. Instead of roses or flowers, the scene is graced by a spray of thorny brown thistles. Interpretive possibilities abound!


I believe this picture should be titled “Exceedingly Prickly Wench” and it would certainly reflect my current frame of mind quite accurately.  However, I am on my way to northern Wisconsin for a couple of days where I will hang out with my friend,  Karen, we will revisit the scenes of our misspent youth and with any luck at all, we will have the chance to poke around the Abandoned Sawmill. (Yes! Please! Yes!)  All of that…plus a couple of Old-Fashioneds in the bar at the Gateway…and the current annoyances and demands of the world should appear a lot less thorny.

  1. Jane Lurie says:

    Love your narrative…and your photography. 🙂 Have fun with Karen. And I can’t imagine that you’re prickly.

  2. David says:

    Oh, my, wenches on the loose in northern Wisconsin. Alert the locals 🙂

  3. sedge808 says:

    ‘Exceedingly Prickly Wench’
    Love it.
    you, (like me), have a fab sense of humor.

  4. Lignum Draco says:

    Enjoy your trip away – as if you wouldn’t visit the sawmill.

    Ok, I clicked on the last photo to get a bit more detail. Your right hand holds the camera but what’s the left hand holding? A monopod? A wrench, maybe?

    • Ack!! It is posted and there is video surveillance…think someone bought it. Bummer bummer bummer.

      I suppose I could tell you it is my light saber or my magic walking stick in the selfie (I surely am gripping it, huh?) but alas, it is just my monopod.

  5. jlheuer says:

    It would be cool if in the reflection selfie you would see the creature rising out of the grass behind you. Or groundhogs and deer and birds waving. Have fun up Nort.

  6. andykidd says:

    love the framing in that last image

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