Posted: February 22, 2016 in 17-85mm lens, Bridges, Details, Photography

 Taken from the deck of a houseboat as we moved slowly up and down the Mississippi River in mid-September.  Click on any thumbnail for a full-sized gallery slideshow.

A partial and less intimate view of said bridge whose function it is to connect the great states of Wisconsin and Minnesota.


My function on this grand adventure was to stand in the front of the boat and, if I spotted a barge coming towards us in the distance, begin to chant like the Rainman “We’re all gonna die! We’re all gonna die!”

Feral barge attempting to sneak up on our vessel:


I think I did a splendid job of keeping us all alive.

This isn’t a barge,  of course, but I sounded the alarm loud and clear, alerting ship, captain and crew to the danger here as well:


Wabi Sabi: Your Canary in the Coal Mine of Nautical Doom.

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    I’m surprised. I would have thought sea sickness was one of your fears. Glad you survived and took some nice photos. Welcome back.

    • Actually, I was concerned, but that wave bobbly motion thing is not an issue on the river. And this was a 60 foot, 2 decked behemoth…sort of like taking your cabin out for a float.

      Thanks…and welcome back to you as well. 🙂

  2. Jane Lurie says:

    Ha- you are funny and wow, Patricia, this is a wonderful study of geometrics, light and color. Wonderful.

  3. andykidd says:

    The main thing is the helmsman got under the bridge and through without bringing it down. Glad you focused on the bridge and not your job though.

    • No clearance issues…our houseboat was pretty small compared with that riverboat and it…the riverboat…passed under easily. I’d like to do this again. It was incredibly relaxing, despite my need for eternal vigilance. 🙂

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