Posted: November 2, 2016 in Milwaukee, Night Photography, Photography
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China Lights, a Chinese Lantern Festival, as staged at the Boerner Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee County.

Usually, I like to build to a big finish when I have several posts on the same subject or event but, doggone it…how to you tell a 260 foot dragon to wait his turn?

This is the second year the festival has been held at the gardens and it has proven to be wildly successful. This past Saturday alone, 10,000 people passed through the gates to view the forty displays spread across several acres. The unique celebration is a collaboration between  Chinese artisans and technical staff from Sichuan Tianyu, located in Zigong, China and the staff of the Botanical Gardens here in Wisconsin.


  1. Lignum Draco says:

    10000 people came to see the dragon. I’m not surprised.

    Were they also chanting, all hail the Great Draco, Equal of Heaven, Sage of the Mountain, His Merciful Excellent Majesty Protector, Slayer of the Balrog, The Bringer of Light to the Land Before Time, and All Round Good Guy?

  2. andykidd says:

    Particularly like the section, sans head and tail. Funny how you never see a dull dragon!

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