Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.  Jonathan Swift

 I  am a photographer because I am struck dumb by the profound beauty surrounding me and I feel driven to share that vision with others. While I consider myself a fine wordsmith, there are so many instances when only the camera can capture the essence of what I am seeing.

As an artist, I believe that we bring all of our life experiences to our work. I am, or have been, a teacher, writer, librarian, book dealer, waitress and shoe salesman. I’ve been a union leader, newspaper intern, the radio voice of the Brown County Library, an avid blogger and a gifted baker of artisan breads. It’s been a natural progression of all these experiences that have brought me to this point.

My cameras are Canons: a Rebel, 60D and a 7D.

Patricia Derozier 

  1. Pam says:

    What a great post about yourself! You are a wonderful, wonderful woman!

  2. David says:

    Patricia: It’s my honor to let you you know that I’ve nominated you for “ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD”. See:
    for the next steps!

  3. jlheuer says:

    Well I have accepted you Lovely nomination and passed it on. Hope it brings us both more lovely followers.

  4. Ron Kline says:

    Pat, thanks for looking at my site. I hope you will continue to stop by. I like your site, too. Maybe you would want to look at my photo site: ronkline.wordpress.com . Also, my wife and I post our vacation photos on http://www.faredge.info .

  5. “As an artist, I believe that we bring all of our life experiences to our work.” Agreed. That’s what I love about art. I worked at a contemporary arts organization and learning about the artists’ life experiences made my appreciation of their work that much greater – but, I should also say that not knowing those life experiences didn’t lessen my appreciation. Does this make any sense?

    • Absolutely. You don’t need to know anything about me to like or dislike my photography. And I would hate to have you like it only because you are cutting me slack or making allowances for my deficiencies or liking it because somehow I have earned it through putting in my time or having credentials that say I should probably be good. What I’m talking about is bringing those experiences to play in the creative process. I can enjoy your writing without knowing a lot about how you developed that skill, but the more I know about you, the more I would appreciate some of the finer points in your craft. And…this is the sort of discussion that needs a bottle of wine and an evening of intense conversation! Actually I was a part of exactly this discussion (with the proper amount of wine) a couple of weeks ago with several friends who are creators and we all were essentially coming from the same idea.
      And was that a little scattershot for a response?

      • Agreed, again. And, yes, this sort of discussion pairs well with a bottle of wine – red or white. “My” arts organization had a monthly Creative Cocktail Hour event at which there was at least one exhibit opening and lots of discussions around this subject and art, in general. I’m hoping to get involved – as a spectator, but would take employment! – at an arts organization here so I can enjoy those conversations again. “Cheers” to art and the creative process!

  6. richardhaas8 says:

    Thanks for stopping by my PhotoTexas WordPress blog.
    I am just totally knocked out by your photography………subject matter, framing, exposure, the whole darn works. But with a background as rich as yours it’s only natural that the artist in you should excel also.
    Thanks for sharing your work………..and you are now stuck with one more follower.

    • Richard–Thank you! Your note was a pretty fine way to start my day today. (Of course, now the pressure to create is on.) Don’t you think that we are all hauling a lot of interesting stuff to the table when we start to create? Of course, I often forget just where I put the table…
      Again, thank you. I am on my way back to your blog to sign up. Then we can keep the conversation going!

  7. Beautiful… love your style, after my own heart!

  8. the tow path says:

    I love the pic with the ladder.

  9. Jane Lurie says:

    Hi Patricia- Thanks for following me. Love your blog!

  10. Hayden Teo says:

    Hey thanks for checking out my work – I really like your taste in architecture, line and composition, too. You should check out my friend Hoong Wei Long, as he has an ongoing study of lines and contrast. http://www.flickr.com/photos/muffinquek/

  11. Frankly you had me at ……..”I am a photographer”…. You know I love your blog, images and intriguing comments…..and for that reason I follow you…..But when you say you are……”A gifted baker of artisan breads”……….OIh my!…….Now I just might follow you like a puppy wagging his tail!

  12. JustDeb says:

    Happened upon your blog, not sure how. Then I saw Wisconsin and especially Door County. My favorite place in the world. I’ve lived there, have some relatives there and visit frequently. My new passion is photography and love looking at your photos. Wordsmith, I am not, but still write once in a while. Will follow your journey.

    • Thank you, Deb! I’m so glad you wandered in and stayed to look! Where are you in NEW?

      • JustDeb says:

        Sorry, never saw this. We live in the Mountain area. I was actually born on Washington Island and my Dad still lives up there. Moved back here after a divorce and being gone for over 20 years living in So Cal. I have sibs all over the state. Milwaukee, Green Bay, Peshtigo, Sheboygan, Sturgeon Bay. I love being back here and look forward to another beautiful winter, just sad to say good by to Autumn(my fav).

  13. Thank you for stopping by Storyteller. — Ray

  14. rwanderman says:

    I love the Japanese aesthetic term “wabi wabi.” I’m curious why you chose it as the name of your site. Are you celebrating the imperfections in the things you photograph or in your photographs? Just curious. I clicked on the wabi wabi category but wasn’t quite sure what differentiated it from other categories. Can you explain? Thanks.

    • I’m glad you checked out my blog, rwanderman and I thank you for the question. I initially chose the title for my blog because I gravitate toward imperfections, decline and decay when I am shooting. Most of what I post embraces that “declining with dignity” idea (though I admit to throwing in a few flowers or snowstorms) because that is what I find beautiful to capture.

  15. It’s been months since I was actively on “wordPress”…..I see while I have been absent and distracted by life, work, grandchildren….you have put together a number of amazing images. I am in love with your works depicting details, texture, and the all the little things that say so much….things you and I always seem to be drawn to…..I hope your holidays were full of peace and good cheer….I promise to come back more regularly, and ponder and enjoy your images…..

    • Thank you so very much, Greg. I’m glad to see that you have returned. I read your post a while ago about your musician friend who died suddenly. That was obviously a hard time for you all. I hope that this means you are also going to get back to your train/bridge/river/Chicago photography…though everyone is allowed a break for grandchildren. (I have three appearing tomorrow afternoon for a four-day holiday visit.) Best of the season to you as well.

  16. sedge808 says:

    ‘I am a photographer because I am struck dumb by the profound beauty surrounding me and I feel driven to share that vision with others’.

    I am the same 🙂
    Love your work Patricia.

  17. I’m hooked. And I’ll back for more.

  18. Andrew Vann says:

    Bravo – some absolutely beautiful pictures. I particularly responded to the winter farm field shots, with corn stalks or old fencing breaking through the snow or wet landscapes – they completely returned me to my childhood and I could almost feel the cold air and hear the wind sweeping through the empty fields of northeastern Wisconsin. Thank you for returning me to that moment.

    • Thank you so much, Andrew. It’s funny, but when I conjure up pictures of Wisconsin in my head, they are always of fields of snow.
      Do you still live here, or are those fields a distant memory?
      I’m glad you enjoyed my work.

  19. It has once again been too long since I worked on my blog, posted any photographs, and of course peeked in on my favorite photographers. I looked in at your body of work and as always find myself captivated by your images. Always so incredibly genuine and thought provoking, your capture of color and light is something I find myself drawn to in a way that makes me pause. The simple fact that you’re an intriguing “wordsmith” only adds to your presentations….you are one of the few who always make me laugh, grin, and at times sigh….I must take more time to seriously look at all of what you’ve posted over these months, relishing in them one by one……

    • Thank you, Greg…truly. It appears that just as you were wandering in, I was wandering out and have been an un-blogger for about a month. I’m glad to see that you are back posting again…any chance that small and lovely person would be related to you?
      Really…I’m glad to hear from you and glad you have shared comments. I think you have gently pushed me back into posting once again.

      • I know that feeling, walking away and almost forgetting about this place of creativity and communication. At times our lives become overwhelming or stagnant, two such opposite places really, but yet the results seem to be the same. I am happy to be back, and I am even more delighted to hear from you. I always found your words and thoughts entertaining, giving me a chuckle, or in the least a grin. I must admit you’ve challenged me, encouraging me through your creative eye, since we seem at times to be drawn to similar subjects. I am sincerely happy to hear from you.

        Yes, that “small and lovely person” is in fact one of my four grand children. I have a series of images I took that day, and may post them in the near future…..thank you for “encouraging and lighting a fire” under me once again….lol……I love the back and forth we have always shared….if in fact I “gently pushed you back to posting”……I feel quite special.

  20. Donna Nooyen says:

    Your pictures are beautiful. The Nooyen Farm pictures are of my husbands family farm. His dad was raised on that farm and when his parents passed his dad took the farm over. The farm was sold to a developer when my husbands mom passed away. I love these types of pictures

    We belong to a Threshing Club and have a Thresheree once a year it is with old Tractors and we also have a steam engine and a Thresh Machine and other old farm equipment ( it is a small club, but we are trying to build it up). I don’t know if you would be interested in taking pictures for your blog. This year it will be in the town of Humboldt area at the end of July —August.

    • Thank you so very much, Donna. I’ve not been online here much lately and so missed your post. I find this site endlessly fascinating and can only imagine how beautiful it was when it was fully operational. I live on Bay Settlement Road, right next to estate on the corner of Church and Bay Settlement, so this is a favorite destination for me just by cutting across the fields to get there. I shot pictures of the supermoon there a few weeks ago–if you’d like to see those, I can give you a link to my Facebook page.
      I certainly would be interested in shooting photos of your Thresheree next year. If you remember, please let me know–I’ll try to keep an eye out for any publicity. Thank you again for taking the time to comment. Best, Patricia

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