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Charlotte realizes that she is unable to compete in a market flooded with cheap imports.


Morning as seen from the dock at Anne’s house.


The sky was filled with choppy white clouds, sun ducking in and out at will.


I used my neutral density filter which cuts glare and can make for some interesting shots.  Playing with that gray filter is the only bit of magic that I used on these shots–no other “artsy” stuff or overlays.



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 Wabi Sabi is on her way into the untamed wilderness of Upper Michigan (“Terra Incognita”… “Here Be Dragons”… “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here”) and will be staying at a Deer Camp. Not a place where deer go to kick back, like a Deer Spa, but a place where hunters go to practice their dark arts and crafts. No electricity, no running water (well, it does run, but only as fast as you can pump it.) Phones and Wi-Fi are not happening. And yet…with gas and generators and pumps…snug. The sauna: ahhhhh. Good friends and much food: very nice. Last year, we had to stop the ATV’s periodically and brush the ticks off, but that was in the spring.

Of course, this is the U.P. in early August. We could be due for a blizzard off Lake Superior any time now.