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My apples go all showgirl glam on me.

A totally unplanned shoot this morning when half a dozen Cortlands, lazing on my counter, were suddenly bathed in a brilliant morning light.

Picture #1: Medieval Morality Play…with a twist.


If your friend, Wabi Sabi, was into symbolism and metaphors and other literary devices…oh, wait. She is. So I am mixing up this classic solo apple portrait–very dignified–with light and dark, good and evil, the Fall of Man and why should the apple bear any blame? Apples don’t tempt people (wandering around buck naked in a crazy wild garden.)  PEOPLE tempt people. Ultimately, though, people only tempt themselves. But it’s easier to blame the apple. Don’t even get me started on the snake.

Is there any remaining question as to why Wabi Sabi was “let go” many years ago from her gig as a teacher in a parochial school? Anyone? Anyone?

Picture #2: A Chorus Line of Apples 


Picture #3This one deserves to be printed on black velvet…and I mean that in a good way.


Now the conundrum: as fond as I am of the melon picture from yesterday, I think one of these might truly qualify as luscious for my entry in the Miller’s show.



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