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We’ve had early morning fog here for four of the past ten days, so I think my posts for the next two weeks will reflect that.

Unless I see something else all shiny.

Or a squirrel.

But right now, our theme for the next several posts will be “Fog.”

Bay Beach Amusement Park,  7:00 Saturday morning,  well before the park opened and the Labor Day weekend crowds began to arrive.


This is the Zippin Pippin, a classic wooden roller coaster.



The fog provided a spectacular filter and I had my exposure dialed up to account for it. Generally the wood has a warm golden tone but that was negated by the fog and I saw no reason to attempt to recapture that color.


My favorite thing about the Pippin is the structure itself: the framework, the hardware, and the wood grain. If you have time, click on the pictures for a larger view. Then you can see what I mean about the wood.


Yes, I have ridden the Zippin Pippin–exactly once–and the crazed litany that passed through my lips for the entire ride would have done a sailor proud.


Friday evening will find me at the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau for the reception and opening of the 25th Midwest Seasons Show. This is the fourth year in a row I have had work in this show and I am very honored to have been juried in again this year.

The juror chose a favorite piece of mine: All Summer in a Day. Generally I grumble about writing an artist’s statement for shows, but for this picture, I was eager to explain the title, the circumstances…the whole thing. While it’s likely no one read it,  I was glad to have the opportunity to express in words what I was trying for in my photo.



The title of this piece, All Summer in a Day, comes from a favorite short story by Ray Bradbury about a planet where it rains incessantly but for one brilliant afternoon every seven years.

I took the photo mid-afternoon on Labor Day, 2014, at Green Bay’s Bay Beach Amusement Park.

It had been raining lightly on and off all day and in a few hours, the park would mark the end of its official Summer Season. The next morning would mark the official start for area schools. But balanced delicately on a cusp between those two events, a “right here, right now” moment if I ever saw one, was a never-ending slice of Ferris Wheels, Bumper Cars and cotton candy rich enough to hold all the joys of an entire summer. Children and adults streamed through the park, oblivious to the occasional showers, intent only on getting to the next ride.

I caught the man and woman gazing up at the Ferris Wheel in one of the afternoon puddles. The only manipulation that I did with this photograph was to rotate it so that the scene was not upside-down.

For a link to the CVA site, click here:


Reflecting on the kiddie cars.






Take me for a ride in your car-car
Take me for a ride in your car-car
Take me for a ride, take me for a ride,
Take me for a ride in your 3.2 liter Ferrari
with torsion bar suspension
and those ported venturi carburetors!

Peter Paul and Mary, In Concert  (1964)


Puddle reflections at Bay Beach Amusement Park, late Monday afternoon. In the short time I was there, Mother Nature was on a slam-bam hormonal roller-coaster ride of her own. Yowza!  The weather rocketed from sunshine to downpour, ricocheted off gray and then slid back to sun.

Rinse and repeat.



I noticed that most folks paid little or no attention to Mother’s mood swings and ran from ride to ride, determined to wring the most fun out of this last summer holiday.



My greatest challenge?

Little boys. Didn’t matter if they were wearing threadbare shower sandals or mega-buck designer sneakers. The siren song of a water puddle was more than any of them could resist.


I could totally relate.



Puddle reflection, Bay Beach Amusement Park.