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Six images.

Come: join me for my morning’s walk. Don’t worry–I’ll do the heavy lifting here.  You can pour another cup of coffee and get comfy.

At 6:00 this morning, the world outside my windows was pleasantly hazy: not exactly fog-bound, but more mist-kissed. This isn’t completely unusual for me but when I put my glasses on, the soft gray morning was still there.

I rolled out of bed with great slowness–really? I’m going outside?– and rummaged around for clothes suitable for wandering in wet grass.  I ended up in an outfit that any mother of a four-year-old would instantly recognize: a free-spirited mixture of pajamas and whatever was on the floor of my closet.

And my camera.

I exited my backyard and started walking through the fields.

The sweet Queen riot is still in full-swing and I almost stayed right in the middle of it for another session of glamour shots…



…but I’m glad that I didn’t. Look! The deserted farm down the road!


I’ve never approached from this way before and it was just a matter of finding where the barbed wire was down so I could step through to the farm side.


Actually, I think I wandered into a painting.


The mist turned to rain and I turned to home. Total time out? One hour.



Home again!


On a winter’s day.

Well, two days, actually, but let’s take some poetic license here, shall we?

Snowfall, Bayshore Park


Field behind the old Nooyen Farm


The Sisters’ Orchard


The Sisters’ Field


Dusk in front of Holy Cross Church


Corner of Church and Bay Settlement Roads


Your friend, Wabi Sabi, is gifted and talented in many ways but one area where she particularly excels is in the Art of Whining.

Why can’t I have an apartment in Paris?

Who is this old woman who keeps showing up in my selfies?

Why are there so many cat posts on Facebook?

I’ve been whining lately because even though my prodigal lens has returned to the fold, my chances for magnificent architectural shots anywhere nearby are severely limited.

Why can’t I live someplace cool?

And then I woke to patchy fog on Friday, grabbed my coffee, my camera and car keys and went to explore the neighborhood.

All of these shots were taken within 3 miles of my house in the space of just one hour. 

Church Road, east of the highway

Ullmer's Farm on Bay Settlement Road. The Bay is below but shrouded in fog.

A little farther down Bay Settlement on the east side of the road


Two shorebirds and a tire:  Communiversity Park on the Bay



 A pretty productive hour, starting with two shots of espresso and ending with a Zen moment near the water. Yes, I’m still annoyed that I can’t live in Paris fulltime, but can admit my real-world neighborhood is nothing to whine about.

I put on so many layers of winter clothing this afternoon that I looked like the Michelin Man as I waddled down the road with my camera, bound for the Deserted Farm Around the Corner. I’d intended to get some lovely red barn/white snow shots, but was distracted by the peeling paint just inside one of the barns.






I did NOT see that coming. Generally, I approach December with a clenched jaw and when I can no longer stand it, I crawl under my desk and wait for it all to pass. This year, December was a good one and I truly loved every moment of it. However, I have not posted anything for two weeks nor have I been keeping up with my favorite blogs. (Yours is my favorite. You know that, right? And I am going right from here over to see what you have been doing.)

Happy Holidays to all of you who visit the Wabi Sabi blog and share insightful, witty reflections and comments…or just visit,  shake your head and move on. I do so enjoy your company and am grateful that you choose to spend a few minutes with me each week.

Not to be confused with a “frog” farm…

Last Thursday’s fog was amazing. I was out for maybe an hour and a half and got both sunbeams and busses . Here’s the third part of a fog-based hat trick:


Sunlight was burning through the fog as I left the busses behind and walked to the farm.


If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you might recognize “The Abandoned Farm down the Road.”




Camera work by Wabi Sabi. Atmosphere provided by Mother Nature.


I have a perfect “school bus in fog” picture in my head, and while I like these four–I haven’t taken that absolutely perfect one yet.

Maybe that’s my photographer’s version of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave : somewhere, there exists an ideal yellow school bus picture. It’s sitting next to the ideal chair and the ideal table…and maybe the perfect pair of jeans. These are but poor copies or shadows of it. (Note to self: review Plato’s original text. Intro to Humanities was a very long time ago and that business about the perfect jeans might be something that I added.)

Although…I do like this next shot a lot.


 I so seldom have people in any of my pictures, it just might be the novelty of it all. (“Hey, you kids! Get out of my picture!”)


And then there is the matter of where to position myself for optimum effectiveness. Middle of the road would be ideal and I did run out a few times, but I was just a little nervous about being flattened by a black SUV with its lights off.

Or ending up on the grill of a bus.


Thinking about it now, standing in wet grass on the side of a country road in dense pre-dawn fog wasn’t probably a great idea either.

Maybe there exists an ideal photographer as well, sitting on the ideal chair at the ideal table.

Waiting sensibly for the fog to lift.

Sunrise plus fog in the Bay Settlement neighborhood.