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I’m generally tentative when it comes to converting my images to black and white.  Translation: my skillset for this area is extremely primitive and results can be hit or miss.

These next few images, however, really lend themselves to a black and white format. Removing the color creates capital-D Drama, with intense blacks and sky-swallowing grays. Clean blue reality and soft banks of fluffy white can’t compete.

head shot



You really need to see this last image at full resolution.


These photos were taken two months ago in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.



Adult cranes feeding their young.


Wabi Sabi apologizes to her readers and will just go sit quietly at her desk now.

Top of the tower, two different finishes.

tower top1

tower top2

I’ve shared full-on pictures of the Pulliam Plant tower in the past–see Nov 24 and Jan 27 posts–so if you are not familiar with the structure, check it out.

Examining these shots closely, I realized–duh–that all those gauges and cages would indicate that workpersons have to get up there from time to time. A  fear-of-heights moment washed over me and I nearly did a swan dive to the floor from my desk chair.

Wabi Sabi follows a strict “bottom rung only” rule for how far up she will climb a ladder.

Sunrise plus fog in the Bay Settlement neighborhood.





Oh, Wabi Sabi! Did you slip into a small Eastern European country to take secret photos? Is there something spooky going on here?


Look here, Wabi old girl. We’ve seen this movie and right now the whole audience is screaming “Run! Run!”.


Doggone it!  You know your days in the field are behind you. Leave these adventures to the new kids.


What? Missile silos? Uh-oh, Wabi Sabi. You’re going to need to go into town tonight and find out who…or what!…is behind all of this.


Meet Fred and Velma at the Haunted Tower. Shaggy and Scooby will stay with the bus.


Certainly all photographers are suckers for good reflections. We are also powerless in the face of really fine shadows.

Friday afternoon’s construction site (deserted) was all blocked off with fencing, but a few steps away is a 5-story parking ramp (also deserted) which offered an excellent perch for shooting the neighboring building. ( And this is why I could do self-portraits–not another human being in sight!) As I climbed from floor to floor looking for different perspectives on the construction zone, the shadow patterns inside the ramp continued to pull me off task.





 Oh, who am I kidding? I can be pulled off task by shiny objects, feathers and …oh, look! Is that a llama? she said, wandering away from the keyboard…

***   ***   ***   ***

I will be in Rhinelander at the Nicolet College Art Gallery on Tuesday evening for the opening of the Northern National Juried Art Show. I am truly excited and delighted to have a piece in this show for the second year in a row. Of the 486 pieces submitted, 83 were accepted into the show which draws artists from around the country. I’m also excited because Nicolet puts on an incredible party for the art community and I’ll be there with good friends. Last year, they posted pictures of all the artwork hung in the show on their Facebook page. Nothing there so far, but I’ll post a link when I see anything.

Pleased (nay, thrilled!) as I am with this series of pictures, they weren’t enough to make it into a gallery show. That’s okay (well, it smarts just a wee) because they will find a home sooner or later.


I did a series of ten pictures, some pulling back to give the full effect of the stacked roadways and others highlighting grace notes of detail.


I chose to go with black and white, reasoning that pulling the color out frees those pictures from the moorings of time and place.  This could be Superman’s Metropolis in the 1940’s or the setting for Blade Runner. The sample shots I printed of each were done on a pearl metallic paper which actually supports both of those possibilities.


 Wherever or whenever the setting,  it’s construction on a scale that must render the viewer, who is standing on the ground below it all,  speechless.