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And just where have you been, young lady? Your mother and I have been worried sick about you.


Mea Culpa, Gentle Reader. I have been missing from your computer screen for two weeks now and I am darned sorry about that. There is a simple explanation involving Harley-Davidsons, international border crossings and a warehouse full of stolen tequila, but I am not at liberty to go into details. My sharing might impact the state of US-Bulgarian relations. As it is, there’s a lot of scrambling right now regarding that unfortunate near-fatal… 

At any rate, let’s just say that I have been busier than I normally am at this time of the year.

Here’s my “official” cover story–wink, wink:

From time to time, home owners take a look around and think “Holy Mother of Pearl! What’s happening here? The paint is peeling on the garage door, the front door has faded from cranberry red to dusty rose and it just might be that we are not actually living in a permanently crepuscular world. Perhaps the windows are so foul both in and out that the light of day no longer penetrates.”

Here is the horrible catch-22, snake-eating-its-tail consequence of setting out to fix those little things: righting one wrong only serves to shine a spotlight on the next problem.

And before you know it, there’s a line of paint-spattered dominoes falling as far as the eye can see.

That little spasm of clean-up, fix-up, paint-up has safely passed and my Wabi Sabi life should be returning to normal soon…right after a short totally cool and exciting mid-week trip to Rhinelander that I will tell you about tomorrow.

(Art show! Art show!)


Continuing a look at the statuary in Pere Lachaise cemetery. (Eleven images)

While there were traditional angels and generic statues-of-sadness everywhere, there were also busts of people as they had been in life. These were easily my favorites.


20140512_0437          20140512_0432





I had to include two of this next bust just to show that I hadn’t slipped an old photo into the mix.

20140512_0500          20140512_0501










A collection of statuary from the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. (Nine images)



I generally try to limit my posts to 4 or 5 images, but there is so much astonishing art in this setting that I am finding it nearly impossible to winnow down to just a handful. So, to balance off all those images, I will remain quiet for a bit.


















Pere Lachaise Cemetery, located in Paris’s 20th arrondissement, covers 110 densely-used acres. Roads and paths between the graves can be narrow, cobblestoned and, in the case of a rainy afternoon, more than a little slippery. Among the million or so people who have been interred here, the well-known, little-known and the unknown rest side by side.  Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Frederick Chopin…and of course, Jim Morrison…are here, as well as Colette, Heloise and Abelard and American author Richard Wright.

I honestly wasn’t interested in finding specific gravesites. I was there for the statues, the sepulchers and the mausoleums and…oh!…they were most beautiful.

Today’s offering is just to give some sense of what the cemetery looks like.







We’ll look at the statuary in the next couple of posts.








Airport, train station, Metro, hotel and Pere Lachaise. I was a woman on a mission.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery in the rain.

I believe this set can compete in the Rooftops, Rain and Cemeteries categories all at once.


The walk from the hotel was gray and threatening and after an hour in the cemetery, it began to rain. The rain came and went in waves and each time it returned, it was a little colder and harder.



The first few times, it was possible to seek shelter under trees and stay dry.


Eventually, though, I was forced to take sanctuary in empty sepulchers. Seriously. I was totally NOT ooked-out by the whole open crypt business because they felt more like Dr. Who call boxes.

No, the spirit world was not an issue. The living world was. Bravely turning my back on the dusty scenes within, I stood determinedly chanting my heartfelt prayer: “No spiders. No spiders. No spiders. Pleeeeeze.”


While trying to shoot into a crypt, Wabi Sabi shoots an inadvertent selfie.





From Wednesday’s walk through Woodlawn.

I didn’t realize until I was playing with the crops just how androgynous the statues are. Take away hair or head coverings and the faces could as easily be youth as maiden.






In a little more than a week, your friend Wabi Sabi is off on a two-week adventure involving airplanes, passports and signs written in a language other than her own. Woo-Hoo!




This morning I took my 50mm lens for a little workout.