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In that perfect light right after sunset.

crane and moon

Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay. The sun set 20 minutes earlier behind this scene and there is a lot of super-industrial light bouncing around that is responsible for the violet-blue sky.

I really really REALLY wanted to call this post “Niles and Daphne” but considered that I might be the only person on the planet who found that amusing.

Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay at night. Tonight to be exact. Like…two hours ago. This is one hopping place–they are obviously working around the clock.

A calm and methodical woman would process the pictures she took and then present them to you in an organized fashion.

Yeah…right. Not happening.

I selected just one shot to post this evening.

The rest will be coming soon.

First Crane sized

Playing around with lines and shadows.


 I should have spent more time on site, but I guessed the crew had gone up the road to The Settlement Bar for lunch.  I didn’t want to be there when they returned as I clearly did not belong to their union.

20130913_2525one version

I think the pearls would have been a dead give-away.

narrow sized 3


Marquette, Michigan. A small building suffering from benign neglect, tucked into a shabby little lot and surrounded by a tangle of weeds.


An “Iron ore pocket dock?” Is this related to the Popeil Pocket Fisherman?




I am just amazed that there is no apparent upkeep or care for this exquisite little building.


Late this afternoon, your friend Wabi Sabi was SO desperate to spend a little bonding time with her new camera, that she leaped–yea verily: leaped–into her fine silver car and drove to the nearest construction site. After about an hour, her eyes were full and her skin felt like pork rinds in the making, so she retreated to a local coffee shop to review her captures and indulge in far too much caffeine.

If your phone rings at 2 a.m., don’t answer. It will be Wabi Sabi doing her Caffeine Dance by the light of the (nearly) full moon.

The neighbors are so going to be upset.




Green Bay, then and now:


And finally, a Wabi Sabi self-portrait, purposefully vague. (Clue: I’m wearing tasteful pearl earrings and a turquoise shirt.)


The earrings gave me away, didn’t they?