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The Festival of Tall Ships was here and, as I mentioned earlier, I was most interested in capturing the scene prior to mobs of people showing up. On Saturday morning, I arrived early, but after sunrise,  and the brightly lit ships didn’t work for me. The next day, I was in place before the sun got there and was far more pleased with my captures.

The Giant Rubber Ducky was a part of the festival.

Sunrise over the Fox.  When’s the last time you saw a photograph that included a sunrise, paper mill, Spanish galleon, and giant rubber ducky?

Eat your heart out, National Geographic.


More duckishness:

And finally, just a little Tiananmen Square vibe here:




A lesson that I learn over and over is that I can’t impose my will on a scene that I am photographing. When I try to, the results might be technically perfect but thoroughly uninspired.

I had a lot of thoughts about what I wanted to do when I was wandering around in the fog last week, but it wasn’t until I slowed down and listened that I found what I was looking for.

These narrow slices, like yesterday’s, feel as though they are either complete poems or choice lines.


There was no sun.  Fog blurred the line between sky and Bay.


By overexposing the shots to remove all but a suggestion of water, we’re left with a pale canvas to showcase reeds, rocks and waterfowl.


I didn’t arrange the scenery. There were patterns here all along. I just had to wait for them to make themselves known.


As always, these panoramic shots are best viewed at full-sized.

Listening for a poem in the fog.

bay slice2

bay slice3

bay slice1