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From a recent back roads ramble: one image from the Maribel Grain Company of Maribel, Wisconsin.


The Devil’s River State Trail goes through Maribel, passing close enough to the feed mill that you can almost reach out and touch the building. It’s on my list of “Places to Explore” for this summer, particularly since the trail appears flat enough for my biking talents.

Wherever you live, I hope it is warm today. Here in Wisconsin it is and has been gray and cold. Sometimes the weather toasts up to “merely chilly” and those eternal optimists among us haul snow shovels to the shed and parkas to the basement. Persephone, who has been acting suspiciously like an emo teen this spring, teases us with this hint of normal, then loses enthusiasm for her project and sinks back to “cold” with an eye roll and a sigh.

That’s our scene today: cold, a short burst of sunshine, and then, exhausted by the effort of putting on a good face, she doubled down on the gray, added an aggressive wind and infused the whole thing with a wet and penetrating cold. Being outdoors is like being smacked around by a cold and wet dirty gray towel.

I stand ready for summer.

Six images

I like the conversion to black and white in this series. The strong shadows in the last set prompted me to experiment and once I had pulled the color out, I had an entirely different focus for the group. Gone were the brilliant blue skies–which proved to be only a distraction–and the intense lines and shadows stepped to the fore instead.

Today’s set is not mean streets-noir-moody nor quietly meditative, but I did carry through with the black and grayscale theme. Once again, with the distraction of the color out of the way, the individual structures can be admired for their own strengths.







I just realized that she who was whining loudly for more color in her life went photo-hunting through three counties on the first eyeball-rattling sunny day in weeks, came home and converted all of that sunshine to black and white. Thanks, Wabi Sabi Eeyore.