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guys and their dog singing a cappella polka tunes outside a deserted factory in Sheboygan.

I’m cool with that.

The back-up guys are good, but the lead singer is incredible.



He really has a great set of pipes.

Charlotte realizes that she is unable to compete in a market flooded with cheap imports.


Researchers have identified the chromosome that–among other things–enables homing pigeons to unerringly find their way back to the roost. According to scientists involved in the study, one of the genes they discovered gives pigeons the ability to read subtle signs in their environment, signs that other species of birds miss.



The storyteller in me just keeps staring at this one and trying to spin a tale to go with it.

story square

But…maybe I’ve just given you the story.

…they gathered silently, but with purpose.

“The operation is in danger,” the one known only as Gray said. “Word has leaked to the authorities about our plans.”

There were cries of disbelief, shouts of protest. Finally, Wingman said aloud what the rest had only been thinking. “Is there a mole in our organization?”

“Worse than that,” hissed Gray. He spat the next words as a curse: “A stool pigeon.”

bird tower

Oh, Wabi Sabi! Did you slip into a small Eastern European country to take secret photos? Is there something spooky going on here?


Look here, Wabi old girl. We’ve seen this movie and right now the whole audience is screaming “Run! Run!”.


Doggone it!  You know your days in the field are behind you. Leave these adventures to the new kids.


What? Missile silos? Uh-oh, Wabi Sabi. You’re going to need to go into town tonight and find out who…or what!…is behind all of this.


Meet Fred and Velma at the Haunted Tower. Shaggy and Scooby will stay with the bus.