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Seven breath-taking images from the Tennessee highway system. 

Your friend, Wabi Sabi, is a low-maintenance adventurer. When it is my turn to drive, I am all about the task at hand: eyes on the road, scenery be damned.

When it is my turn to ride shotgun, I do it with a Canon. (In the spirit of full disclosure, if I am NOT taking pictures, I am quite possibly slumped against the window, leaving little drool trails on the glass.)

The Great State of Tennessee is not tall but is mighty wide, taking several hours to traverse, thus giving me ample opportunity to put my camera to good use.


tail lights sized

stand still sized

winding road sized

rain slice sized

big red truck

yellow truck


panoramic hill shot sized

Your take-aways from this post?

Tennessee is mountainous, and Wabi Sabi is a woman easily amused.

I dulled the colors and details on #3 and #7, choosing a deliberately throw-back look reminiscent  of faded travel post cards from the 1950’s.

 I was down below my favorite bridge yesterday morning. This is the 172 Bridge, sometimes referred to as the Allouez-Ashwaubenon Bridge,  and it spans the Fox River as one of the two major traffic-carrying bridges in the area.



I like these slices. I finished them softly to evoke a cathedral or sacred space feeling.


Next, the underside of the roadway, taken a little right of center and using a Sigma Ultra Wide lens. By cropping the support structure out, I was going for a high speed power blast.

power blast


And, as long as I was down there, why not finish with a nice slice of graffiti?


###       #######       #######       ###

Bridges are a hot topic here in Green Bay, especially the Leo Frigo Bridge (also known as the Tower Drive Bridge) which developed an alarming two foot sag a few days ago!  The Frigo will be closed for at least 18 months or more and that closure is wreaking havoc on East-West travel in the area. Click here for a bazillion pix of the sagging bridge:

Pleased (nay, thrilled!) as I am with this series of pictures, they weren’t enough to make it into a gallery show. That’s okay (well, it smarts just a wee) because they will find a home sooner or later.


I did a series of ten pictures, some pulling back to give the full effect of the stacked roadways and others highlighting grace notes of detail.


I chose to go with black and white, reasoning that pulling the color out frees those pictures from the moorings of time and place.  This could be Superman’s Metropolis in the 1940’s or the setting for Blade Runner. The sample shots I printed of each were done on a pearl metallic paper which actually supports both of those possibilities.


 Wherever or whenever the setting,  it’s construction on a scale that must render the viewer, who is standing on the ground below it all,  speechless.