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The destination for Sunday’s flash-bang trip across the equator of Wisconsin was the city of Menomonie. Arrived early (could have spent TEN minutes at the ethanol plant!) and cruised the downtown looking for any potential photo ops.


Please insert swirling pinwheels and music to indicate that we have fallen through a rip in the fabric of time.


My very first job ever: carhop at an A&W.  This isn’t the same building but the old-time root beer stands were obviously built to a certain design.


I can’t say it was my dream job, but I did have a couple of take-aways that have lasted me through the years.

     1. I learned to count change. No one had ever taken the time to school me in that fine art and after my first shift, I counted out the cash in my apron only to discover that doing the math in my head was not the best plan. I had broken exactly even and six hours worth of tips had vanished.


     2. The combination of draft A&W and Ruffles Potato Chips is such an exotic taste sensation that it can make me swoon to this day.