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Posted: April 16, 2013 in Middle School, Teaching

And now for a brief announcement.

So…Friday afternoon I accepted a contract to finish out the school year teaching World History. My old job at my old school. What WAS I thinking?

Really, I’m sure there will be points during the next eight weeks when I will question my own sanity for doing such a thing, but I love teaching History and I love working with 8th graders.

Middle school is ten times harder to teach than high school. By sophomore year, kids know how to wear their masks and play the game and behaviors are more predictable. Eighth-graders? Yowza! They are hard guys, drama queens, goofy puppies, shell-shocked, carefree, scared of the world and so full of energy that they scare themselves. They don’t know how to deal with being 6″ taller than they were in the fall. They don’t understand why they are 6″ shorter than everyone else.

So why do I like them? Because they are unabashedly genuine. Their filters are rarely fully-engaged. Their outward shell of cool has not hardened yet. They are hysterically funny and they can just make your heart hurt.

In return, I can make really annoying jokes and draw the Battle of Marathon all over the board (try that at a grownup dinner party) and if I should get a little choked up when I read Henry V’s “Band of Brothers” speech to the class, they’re okay with that, too. 

Yeah…I guess that’s what I was thinking.

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