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Ishpeming. Same abandoned mine. Different shaft.






Early Sunday morning.

The Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company, Ishpeming, Michigan. Abandoned mine site.

2013Jun15_Marquette Saturday_4595 as Smart Object-1

I will skip all of the National Geographic quality details of where we parked and how we labored through the woods and down a rocky path, skirting the mine property, rocking the chain link fence and trying to shoot through the barbed wire.


Halfway around the property, we popped through a hedge and onto a residential street.


The neighbors were not alarmed.  Maybe there is a rent in the fabric of the cosmos and crazy old women fall through the hedge on a regular basis.

(This is, after all, the U.P.)


Worked our way down the street, still shooting through and over the fence. And then… we abruptly turned a corner and the whole property was open to us. No fences. No barbed wire. Pavement right up to one of the shafts. A few pesky “No Trespassing ” signs that we naturally ignored.

2013Jun16_Ishpeming_4983To be continued!