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moon conversation

“Do you ever hear me calling?
 ‘Cause every night
I’m talking to the moon
Still trying to get to you

In hopes you’re on
The other side
Talking to me too
Or am I a fool
Who sits alone
Talking to the moon?”

Talking to the Moon” by Bhasker, Levine, Mars, Lawrence and Winkler


A Shipyard Lullaby in six images.

Continuing to roll out captures from Bay Shipbuilding taken last Thursday night.

With this collection, I deliberately chose to under-saturate colors, looking for a muted palette. What it feels like–to me, at least–is a collection of illustrations in search of a children’s book.







The largest freighter featured in this collection is the CSL Assiniboine.  CSL Assiniboine was built in 1977, is 740 feet long and flies the Canadian flag. Next to her (showing red lights) is the Hon James L Oberstarr and farthest to the left can be seen another Canadian vessel,  the CSL Laurentien.

Four images from Thursday night and a fifth to put them into perspective

Thursday night’s expedition to Bay Shipbuilding for some Industry-After-Dark shots. The weather was more than cooperative with great lights, little cloud cover, and a bright comma of a moon in the indigo-blue post-sunset sky.

I’ve been trying to decide how best to present the series. The shots I am posting here were actually minimally processed and I have spent some long minutes just drinking in the richness of the colors.

Does anyone else do this? Sometimes I just stare at an image and think “I could not possibly have taken that picture. It does not belong to me but instead climbed into my camera looking for a warm place to take a nap.”

The structure you can see on the left of each photo is the pilothouse of the freighter American Century. The following are simply different versions of the same scene and I am perfectly delighted with them as they stand. However, I thought it would be helpful to include a fifth picture to show you the sheer enormity of both the ship and the crane.





The American Century, of which you could only glimpse portions of the pilothouse in those earlier images, is a thousand-foot-long Great Lakes freighter that generally hauls coal on the Lakes.


In that perfect light right after sunset.

crane and moon

Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay. The sun set 20 minutes earlier behind this scene and there is a lot of super-industrial light bouncing around that is responsible for the violet-blue sky.

I really really REALLY wanted to call this post “Niles and Daphne” but considered that I might be the only person on the planet who found that amusing.

Feel free to come by and throw fruit at my house after a title like that. I deserve it.

Presque Isle Dock train trestle from below.



 Is the clearance warning a reminder for the train guys to duck their heads when passing under the moon?

goodnight moon

The more I look at this last picture, the more I want to write a children’s book just to go with it.