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I have many many things to do this week, things that are written in thick black magic marker in the “non-negotiable” column of my Gotta-Do list,  so this afternoon it was of paramount importance that I grab a camera, a spaghetti squash, a polished black surface and two dish towels, elbow a stack of newspapers off the dining room table and sit down to do some portrait work.

I am assuming this is the way you, too, deal with pressure, mais oui?






20121205_0655 as Smart Object-1 

These acorn squash have been lounging about in my pantry and finally gave up their green, waiting for me to do something, anything with them.

20121205_0627 as Smart Object-1

Ahhhh…how could I let these gorgeous creatures go to waste? I hauled them downstairs, cleared piles of drek off my light table and used them for models.

20121205_0639 as Smart Object-1

20121205_0604 as Smart Object-1

My pantry: a never-ending source of inspiration.

20121205_0612 as Smart Object-1

 My light table (rescued from a thrift store) is a behemoth.  Despite a crazy-quilt of scratches and marks on the surface, it can still produce some pretty fine effects.

There’s no trickery to the photos. The white glass lit from below disappears in the shot and items appear to be suspended in the air. All of these shots were taken with a 60mm lens.