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I’ve shot these buildings a couple of times, but no matter how often I’ve tried, I’m never exactly sure what  I am looking for. Mostly, the shock value is such that, while I’m framing up shots, I’m chanting in my head: Holy Mother of Pearl! Holy Mother of Pearl!


I realized a while ago that I see the faces of many buildings as art quilts–huge expanses of geometric figures grouped together in pleasing patterns. Following that idea, I enrolled in a series of quilting classes through the technical college and have proven to be, quite frankly, a horrible student. I resist printed instructions, precision (“what is this quarter inch seam of which you speak?”) and anything that remotely smacks of traditional.  I will throw myself in front of a bus if I am ever forced to create something involving a sunbonnet or a goose. (Bus service doesn’t run this far out of town, but I swear I will drive myself INTO town and then throw myself under a bus should that sunbonnet scenario arise.)



 This next shot really does work as a quilt:  all these wonderful strips and chunks that match-but-not-exactly-match, strung together and appliqued on top of each other in an artfully wonky fashion.



I have a class Tuesday afternoon. When my instructor sees what I’ve done to yet another perfectly innocent chunk of fabric, I’ll bet I can predict her reaction: Holy Mother of Pearl! Holy Mother of Pearl!

I am currently crazy in love with this picture and would like to enter it in a juried show that is coming up soon…but I’d also like to enter a very powerful under-the-freeway black and white in that show as well. The two pictures do not pair well together.

renaissance full

I would not have this picture but for the persistence of friend Marjorie. We walked over to the farm-around-the-corner Sunday afternoon. I’d already sworn up and down that I would not enter any barn or tumbledown outbuilding no matter what,  yet….one “Oh, my! You must see this!” after another “Patricia, there are no spiders right here ” lured me, first to the doorway, then one tentative step at a time further into the tool shed until I was all the way in.

And, as long as I was in there, I decided I might as well take some pictures.

More from Ultima Thule.

thule windows

thule abstract


Send good vibes my way: this is my last week with students and I am crawling to the finish line. Oh, for but a teaspoon of the adrenaline that fueled my first three weeks! 

2013May19_3829 as Smart Object-1

2013May19_3837 as Smart Object-1

What light through yonder broken window…

2013May19_3699 as Smart Object-1


Whither Beauty?

ws happy window

Head up north and turn left.

ws interior

There’s a field in the middle of nowhere.

ws house

In the middle of that field: this house.

You can’t miss it.