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Certainly all photographers are suckers for good reflections. We are also powerless in the face of really fine shadows.

Friday afternoon’s construction site (deserted) was all blocked off with fencing, but a few steps away is a 5-story parking ramp (also deserted) which offered an excellent perch for shooting the neighboring building. ( And this is why I could do self-portraits–not another human being in sight!) As I climbed from floor to floor looking for different perspectives on the construction zone, the shadow patterns inside the ramp continued to pull me off task.





 Oh, who am I kidding? I can be pulled off task by shiny objects, feathers and …oh, look! Is that a llama? she said, wandering away from the keyboard…

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I will be in Rhinelander at the Nicolet College Art Gallery on Tuesday evening for the opening of the Northern National Juried Art Show. I am truly excited and delighted to have a piece in this show for the second year in a row. Of the 486 pieces submitted, 83 were accepted into the show which draws artists from around the country. I’m also excited because Nicolet puts on an incredible party for the art community and I’ll be there with good friends. Last year, they posted pictures of all the artwork hung in the show on their Facebook page. Nothing there so far, but I’ll post a link when I see anything.