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Researchers have identified the chromosome that–among other things–enables homing pigeons to unerringly find their way back to the roost. According to scientists involved in the study, one of the genes they discovered gives pigeons the ability to read subtle signs in their environment, signs that other species of birds miss.



Sorry…make that “Wabi Sabi Abroad.”

Darned punctuation “conventions.”

rooftops 1

Ten full days in Paris. Maybe 800 pictures.  I can break them down into Rain, Rooftops, Cemeteries and Building Facades with a small group labelled Totally Random Stuff. I will be weaving them in and out of posts for the next six months.

Thought I’d start with a rooftop shot.

(Brace yourself. There’s more where this came from.)

Well, I certainly missed you while I was gone.


Luxemburg, Wisconsin.
(Yes, it’s true. I can leave my house after breakfast
and go to Luxemburg, Denmark AND Brussels and still be home in time for lunch.)




Two very traditional buildings stitched together by a long and covered…loading dock? workspace? breezeway? They beg to be photographed, painted, sketched.



 Tomorrow: Art found behind the mill.



Same song, different mill.


The Bluebird is unable to assume his role in today’s production. Playing the part of The Bluebird is his understudy, The Pigeon.


Let’s give it up for The Pigeon, shall we? Well done, Pigeon! Well done!

 If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can’t I?

…they gathered silently, but with purpose.

“The operation is in danger,” the one known only as Gray said. “Word has leaked to the authorities about our plans.”

There were cries of disbelief, shouts of protest. Finally, Wingman said aloud what the rest had only been thinking. “Is there a mole in our organization?”

“Worse than that,” hissed Gray. He spat the next words as a curse: “A stool pigeon.”

bird tower